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Society under total control: The future without cash

According to economist Martin Armstrong, there is a secret meeting scheduled for the end of this month. This meeting will occur in London and it will gather representatives from the ECB and the Federal Reserve in order to discuss the details about total elimination of cash. Armstrong was the one …

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Brutal sexual crimes of ISIS militants

According to a United Nations official, brutal Islamic State militants punished a woman for refusing to take part in an ‘extreme sex act’ by burning her alive. This militant group is known for its horrifying and monstrous acts. They are responsible for abducting hundreds of women and torturing them. Kidnapped …

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Russian military drills in Kyrgyzstan

This week 250 Russian paratroopers arrived in Kyrgyzstan in order to perform military drills together with servicemen of Kyrgyzstan’s National Guard in the Kyrgyz Mountains. The exercises will last until June 5 and it will take place on the territory of the fifth brigade of Kyrgyzstan’s National Guard, as well …

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HELLADS laser ready for testing

DARPA’s plan for this summer is to test the High-Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System. The purpose of the HELLADS laser is to destroy all incoming mortars, aircraft, missiles or anything else in the sky. This is why the testing will take place in the sky. As DARPA program manager …

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A new electromagnetic pulse weapon by Boeing

Nowadays, nuclear war is a very real threat. We are all aware of the possible consequences in case of a nuclear scenario, so the fact that countries around the world are developing their own nuclear programs is worrying. However, the U.S. Air Force recently confirmed its success in the field …

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The world wants to take down Monsanto

May 23rd was the day when the people from all parts of the planet stood up to confront global corporations which allowed themselves to decide what is the best food for us. Monsanto is one of those corporations. The movement known as the “March against Monsanto” got stronger over the …

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ISIS wants to buy a nuclear weapon from Pakistan

An article by John Cantlie, a prisoner of the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL), reports that ISIS has the opportunity to buy a nuclear weapon from Pakistan. Not just that ISIS has the opportunity to do so, but it has enough money for this kind of purchase. As mentioned in the article, if …

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Floating farms – the future of production

A new production technology promises a world with minimal agricultural imports, less land consumption and food self–sufficiency in as many countries as possible. This idea came from the company Forward Thinking Architecture, in the form of the Smart Floating Farms (SFF) project. The functioning of these farms of the future …

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Denmark Preparing to be the First to Eliminate Cash

If everything happens according to plan, Denmark will become the first country to outlaw cash transactions. The idea of eliminating cash was first tested last year in Britain, but now Denmark expresses its desire to use the same cost-saving approach. This step should precede elections in Denmark in September this …

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