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UFO attack in Turkey captured on camera


It was reported that a UFO was spotted flying over Turkey. After the story broke out, the internet was flooded with pictures of it.

Footage of a ‘UFO attack’ in Turkey sent social media users into a frenzy on Sunday night, as thousands of residents captured a cluster of UFOs in the night sky.

The #ufoattackturkey hashtag began trending on Twitter as panicked users from different parts of the country shared images taken on their mobile phones of the unidentified flying objects.

One user uploaded a video that appears to show a loud explosion occuring as they investigated the mysterious lights in the sky.

Other users on Twitter suggested that the UFOs could be part of a secret military exercise.

An hour after the story began trending on Twitter, the social media giant removed all references of it from their “trends” section, with some photo’s and tweets removed entirely.

Below are a selection of photo’s and video’s we found on Twitter:



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