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New Study reveals: Alien ‘cliques’ may be keeping Earth ISOLATED

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A new study analyzed the possibility that Aliens are keeping our planet isolated from other lifeforms in the universe. 

According to the Fermi Paradox, Earth should have already been visited by extraterrestrial aliens. In an informal conversation, Fermi noted no convincing evidence of this, leading him to ask, “Where is everybody?

If we are truly not alone in the ‘infinite’ cosmos, how come we have not encountered aliens?

One possible answer is the so-called zoo-hypothesis which argues that extraterrestrial civilizations are intentionally preventing us from contacting them.

However, researchers, argue that in order for this ‘isolation’ to function properly, a galactic community would have to agree and enforce the blockade.

A new study published by the Library of Cornell University, British astrophysicist Duncan Forgan argues that if indeed there are multiple civilizations in the Milky Way then it is very likely that these civilizations would have formed several alliances rather than a single galactic ‘club.’

Forgan’s model is based on numerous factors like how long each civilization needed to advance enough to participate in interstellar communication, distances between worlds and longevity of civilizations.

“We find that for there to be only a single group (a ‘Galactic Club’), the mean civilization lifetime must be extremely long, and the arrival time between civilizations must in fact be relatively short. This is perhaps an unlikely scenario, as it would require a significant number of civilizations to emerge across the galaxy in a very short time frame,” the paper said.

In addition to the above, the newly published study discovered that a single long-lasting alien civilization which flourished in the early history of our galaxy would still not have the means to bring together different alien civilizations –if they do exist— into a single galactic club.

However, if all civilizations came into existence relatively uniformly, and managed to survive and evolve longer than millions of years, then it’s likely that such a club may exist in the universe.

The study argues that a more likely scenario is that there are several conflicting cliques of alien civilization that have failed to agree on a universal policy.

“One clique attempting to place an interdict on contacting ‘primitive’ civilizations is likely to encounter significant problems if another clique disagrees,” Forgan said.

“It may well still be the case that the Earth resides in a region of space occupied by a conservative clique bent on non-contact,” the paper added. “However, as our ability to detect unintentional signals from both living and dead civilizations increases, we should presumably be able to break the deadlock imposed in this scenario.”

If you want to check out the newly published study, please visit the pre-print website


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