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In 1965 a huge UFO fleet was seen by scientists and military personnel on Antarctica


Alien encounters were recorded in almost every part of the world. One of such encounters took place in 1965 in Antarctica.

Both the Arctic and Antarctica are hotspots for UFO sightings. Every once in a while, someone sees something they cannot explain while traveling near the Arctic or Antarctica. A Massive UFO sighting occurred in 1965 when scientists and military personnel from Great Britain Chile and Argentina witnessed numerous UFOs near Antarctica. According to reports, these UFO’s caused navigational and scientific equipment to malfunction.

Did you know that one of the most noteworthy mass UFO sightings occurred near Antarctica between June and July of 1965, on the Deception Island, in the archipelago of the South Shetland Island?

It was witnessed by members of three countries including Great Britain Chile and Argentina.

It all started when on June 7th, 1965, meteorologist Jorge Stanich from the Argentinian observed in the sky a bright yellow stationary object at a distance of 2,000 meters, which disappeared after five remaining there for around five seconds.

According to Stanich, the enigmatic object has a diameter of roughly 50 meters. Stanish witnessed the same object the following day.

The mass UFO sighting continued in the following days as the objects multiplied in the sky.

On June 18th, another mass sighting occurred above the Chilean base, also on Deception Island. A massive zigzagging light which changed colors from yellow to green and red was visible for approximately 15 minutes.

The mystery continued.

On July 3, nine members of the same base observed for 20 minutes maneuvers of what they called “a luminous, lenticular-shaped mass” which occasionally changed color, and moved across the sky at high speed.

Two minutes later the same object was seen by 17 people above the Argentinian base on the same island in a timeframe of roughly one hour.

The same day, on July 4, a strange light what observed on the Argentinian base on Laurie Island, in the South Orkney archipelago. One day earlier, the same light was witnessed above the British Base on Deception Island, where scientists and military personnel spotted a reddish light in the sky which was visible for around 20 minutes.

Following the events, the Chilean air force unveiled reports of the sightings through a radio telegram sent by commander Mario Jahn Barrera from the Arturo Prat base.

The events were followed up by the Chilean Ministry of Defense.

However, in addition to the written report, the statement from commander Barrera detailed another important happening: magnetic field disturbances.

According to the report, when the fleet of UFOs appeared in the skies, magnetic field disturbances occurred on board the vessel Punta Medanos:

“The compass needles behaved fantastically from the precise moment the UFO appeared. They stopped pointing towards the direction that the boat was traveling to and pointed directly toward the UFO.

Commander Barrera stated that the object was “something real” and that it caused interference in the electromagnetic apparatus. In Buenos Aires the navy issued a communique saying the object was seen and photographed at Argentina’s Antarctic base. The colors were given as “yellowing red,changing to green,yellow,white and orange.” However, more mysterious events occurred in the vicinity of Antarctica.

Another fascinating UFO sighting occurred on January 8, 1957. Two scientists from the Robertson Island saw separately two MASSIVE silver-plated objects which according to reports, resembled torpedoes or Cuban cigars, hovering above the base.

For a period of around 4 hours, the mysterious objects performed fascinating acrobatic maneuvers and were even photographed by scientists.

According to their calculations, the two objects traveled at an altitude of 8,000 meters which moving at a speed of 40,000 km per hour.

Several days after the fascinating incident occurred, on January 20, a helicopter of the British navy picked up the scientists, who handed over the images of the objects to the US agency officially responsible for investigating UFOs, the ATIC (The Air Technical Intelligence Center).

However, as it turns out after years had passed, a physicist by the name of Rafael Vera Mege from the University of Concepcion interviewed one of the witnesses who stated that the ATIC did not return the negatives of the photos that were taken and said that “they were hidden.”

But there are numerous other reports of massive UFO’s being spotted on Antarctica or the Arctic. One such mass sighting occurred when the USS Trepang SSN 674 intercepted a massive UFO in March of 1971.

According to reports, the official location where the sighting occurred was between Iceland and Jan Mayen Island in the Atlantic Ocean. The UFO sighting occurred by accident as the military was in the region on a routine joint military and “scientific” expedition. According to reports, the officer who initially spotted the Unidentified Flying Object was John Kilika using the periscope


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