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Wikileaks just released another set of documents from Vault 7 that detail the CIA’s secret anti-forensic program, Marble Framework, which allows them to prevent forensic investigators from pinning hacking attacks, viruses, and trojans to the agency. It shows just how protected the CIA is from being held accountable for unethical or illegal actions. According …

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The Anti-Russian campaign gathers force

Western media accuses Russia of many things. However, the lack of evidence to support these claims reveals that Russia is the subject of an anti-campaign. On January 30 NBC News reported that «On a snowy Polish plain dominated by Russian forces for decades, American tanks and troops sent a message to …

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List of android devices found containing CIA malware

It was reported that malware could be found on 38 different Android devices. A commercial scanner revealed these facts. A list of malware infected Android devices has been released, after a commercial scanner found instances of malware preinstalled on 38 devices. The find comes just days after WikiLeaks revealed that the CIA routinely …

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Russia: CIA hacking leaks shows world in great danger

WikiLeaks revealed new pieces of information about the CIA hacking. Russia demands a response of the US security services. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Friday that US spy agencies must be held fully accountable following the recent revelations about the CIA’s hacking techniques, adding that if found to …

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WikiLeaks vows to drop 9/11 bombshell

New pieces of information regarding the 9/11 terror attacks could be revealed by the Wikileaks. Based on their twitter account, Wikileaks decided to inform the public of their intentions. WikiLeaks’ Twitter account just recently started tweeting #Vault7 messages with cryptic photos, and no one is quite sure what WikiLeaks is hinting …

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Washington insider, not Russia, behind Clinton leaks

While Russia is blamed for leaking confidential information, another source claims that a Washington insider leaked the emails. whistle-blower and former British ambassador Craig Murray has already said that the leaks were the work of a Washington insider; and has now confirmed that he knows the identity and has even met with …

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