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US forces block Syrian army advance to Raqqa

It looks like US forces are blocking the advance of the Syrian army in preparation for the partition of Syria. The likelihood of Raqqa being returned to Syria is looking slim as the US backed operation close to the city plans to “block any advance by Syrian government forces from …

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UK officially declare Russia ‘threat to national security’

The relations between the UK and Russia could seriously deteriorate as the UK considers Russia a growing threat to national security. The director general of the MI5 intelligence agency in the UK has declared Russia a “threat to national security” in a grave warning on Monday. Speaking with the Guardian, …

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The Russians are coming: War propaganda goes into high gear. Renewed NATO military deployments on Russia’s doorstep…

Written by Prof Michel Chossudovsky; Originally appeared at Globalresearch The Headlines on Britain’s tabloids point to US-NATO war preparations in response to alleged Russian aggression. It is largely a display of war propaganda including an array of images and maps to intimidate Western public opinion.    The Russians are Coming…: “Nato squares …

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Putin checkmates Clinton and NATO [Video]

Russia decided to deploy an aircraft carrier to Syria. The newest fighter jets will be deployed to Syria. Hillary Clinton is calling for a no-fly zone over Syria. In 2011, she did the same in Libya, through an official UN resolution. But what did Team America proceed to do instead? …

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