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Former AG Loretta Lynch approved Trump wiretap, faces prosecution

It was reported that Barack Obama used his connection to obtain a request to wiretap Donald Trump. It appears that Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch is likely to face prosecution after she signed off on the FISA court order. Obama petitioned the FISA court twice during the presidential election, allowing him to tap …

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Melania Trump urges Americans to stop trusting Big Pharma

First Lady Melania Trump believes that people should incorporate nature’s elements into their lives. First Lady Melania Trump has credited the healing and nurturing properties of nature for her good health, and urged Americans to stop leaning so heavily on Big Pharma to provide “magic potions” to cure their ills. Taking …

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Ivanka Trump: Dad is destroying DC Pedo Network

Ivanka Trump, the daughter of Donald Trump, has stood beside him throughout the entire presidential campaign.  Ivanka Trump has vowed that her father, President Trump, will do everything within his power, using the “full force and weight” of his administration, to drive the elite pedophiles out of the corridors of …

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US debt slashed by 12 billion in Trump’s first month

It was reported that President Trump managed to turn around Obama’s unsustainable US debt levels. The US national debt has been reduced by a staggering 12 billion dollars during President Trump’s first month in office. Inheriting a national debt of $19,947 billion – an enormous figure that was thought irreversible and …

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U.S. District attorney vows to charge Obama with “treason”

Acting District Attorney Dana Boente is allegedly working behind the scenes to charge former president Barack Obama with treason.  Boente is second in the line of succession to be Attorney General of the United States, under a Feb. 9 Executive Order signed by President Trump. According to various reports, Obama has …

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Secret service: Trump motorcade hit by unidentified object

It is believed that something was thrown at President Donald Trump’s motorcade in Florida. The U.S. Secret Service is investigating reports that an object was thrown at President Donald Trump’s motorcade in Florida on Friday afternoon. An object believed to be a rock hit a car in the procession as the …

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