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Plan C: America’s nuclear doomsday plan to declare martial law-the top secret cold war countermeasure that would have placed the United States under martial law

Newly released documents show that the U.S. government drew up a plan in April of 1956 for how to deal with an impending nuclear war. What was its strategy? Declaration of martial law, evacuation of top American personnel to secret offices, and the immediate detention of over 12,000 people with …

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Four simple reasons why the global elite hate Russia

Russia is considered as a major threat to the global elite and the main reasons for that are presented in this article. Although Russia simply is just a country in the wrong place at the wrong time (which, throughout Russian history, seems to be a theme for them) – there …

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Anonymous: Pentagon about to declare World War 3

The Anonymous organization decided to enlighten people about the current state of affairs on the international scene. According to the Anonymous, Pentagon is about to declare World War 3. Against this background, hacktivist collective Anonymous has posted a series of alarming videos and news reports – with one suggesting that World …

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RAISING THE STAKES: Putin slams US nuke threat with ultimatum

Russia and the US disagree on a number of things. Their disagreements could even further escalate as both countries have their own ultimatums. Following the president of the Russian Federation’s decree on suspending Russia’s compliance with agreements with the US on the disposal of weapons-grade plutonium and the submission of …

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Paul Craig Roberts: We are headed for war

Paul Craig Roberts addressed the current state of affairs on the world political scene. According to him, we are definitely headed towards the war. American economist, journalist and former civil servant Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says America’s unreasonableness in economic matters and foreign policy has made war inevitable. Dr. Roberts …

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