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Senate to investigate FBI ‘cover-up’ of illegal Clinton emails

A full-blown investigation in  Hillary Clinton’s misconduct is still an option. The Senate will decide whether to launch an investigation. Senator Jeff Sessions is calling for an investigation into how the FBI granted immunity to Clinton Foundation director Cheryl Mills and destroyed evidence under congressional subpoena. “I was a U.S. attorney and …

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Congress: We’re coming for you now, Hillary

The investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server could be continued. Jason Chaffetz revealed this recently. Chaffetz, the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, vowed to continue the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server despite the former secretary of state’s defeat in the 2016 presidential election. The …

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Hundreds of FBI agents investigate Clinton for funding radical terrorists

New pieces of information emerged regarding the connection between Hillary Clinton and ISIS terrorists.  It was reported that the FBI found evidence of the Clinton Foundation sending wire transfers to organizations connected to ISIS. According to new leaks, the FBI and NYPD have evidence of money launderers bragging about withdrawing millions …

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WikiLeaks: Clinton bribed FBI to cover-up classified data breach

According to reports, Hillary Clinton bribed FBI to cover-up classified data breach. The FBI have released a new batch of Hillary Clinton investigation documents which prove the State Department bribed them to cover-up the mishandling of classified data. WikiLeaks drew attention to the documents on Twitter, linking to part 5 of …

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George Soros plotting ‘financial Armageddon’ to stop Trump

The notorious globalist billionaire believes the market is Trump’s weak point. He claims Trump has “no chance” of surviving his upcoming market assault, gloating that the future POTUS will be destroyed and unable to focus on making America great again. Frustrated by his failed attempts to control future US and …

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Obama pushes Putin one step closer to war

It was reported that 35 senior diplomats are no longer welcome in the US. It appears that President Obama decided to cut off diplomatic relations. THERE IS NO QUESTION THAT OBAMA IS TRYING TO START WORLD WAR III THE PAST WEEK WHERE WE HAVE SEEN THE CIA MURDER OF A RUSSIAN AMBASSADOR …

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Evidence uncovered that Clinton colluded with rogue Elector

New pieces of evidence emerge of Clinton’s activities during the election process. It was reported that she colluded with rogue Elector. A rogue electoral college voter is facing prison time after evidence emerged that he colluded with the Clinton Campaign to help Trump lose the Presidency. Colorado elector Michael Baca attempted …

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