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World War 3 on the horizon


Billionaire George Soros warns that, in case of a conflict between China and a military ally of the United States, World War 3 could be the possible outcome.

As he explained on a Bretton Woods conference, an economic breakdown in China would be a good motive for such a dramatic results.

Apparently, China is facing complications in abandoning an export economy and adopting a domestic demand-led system, which may be the cause of anger and dissatisfaction of other countries. However, if the Chinese Yuan finds its place among IMF’s global currencies, war scenario might be avoided.

At this moment, China is on the second place on the list of world’s largest military spenders.

Speculations about WW3 caused the increase of interest in buying properties in distant locations, such as New Zealand.

CNN journalists witnessed the call of a Chinese navy dispatcher who ordered a US surveillance aircraft to leave the airspace above the Fiery Cross Reef.

At this moment, China is putting a lot of effort in reclaiming territories in the South China Sea, currently claimed by other countries. Territorial disputes also involve the string of artificial islands that the US is building as a location of its future military bases.

On Thursday, Hong Lei, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, once again reminded of China’s sovereignty over the islands, pointing out China’s readiness to protect national security. This is why the US surveillance aircraft was warned a couple of times to leave the airspace above the islands.

There is also a disagreement between China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei about sovereignty over the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, which caused a diplomatic protest from Manila in February.

The actions and intentions of China are the reason of a very tense situation in the region. In addition to that, China is already preparing for the crisis on the Korean Peninsula. It mobilizes troops and conducts exercises.

Aggression in the Asia Pacific, that the US is accused of, negatively affected the condition of China’s national security. This is why China proudly reminds that it has ability to use nuclear weapons against the US.

Be prepared!

World War 3 is not something that anyone would want to experience. Let’s hope that tensions regarding territorial disputes won’t escalate into the worldwide incident. Despite positive hopes, everyone should be prepared for the worst. As in case of natural disasters, make sure to prepare everything that you need to survive difficult times. Do that while you have the luxury of time. Planning is very important. The plan is your advantage.

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