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Will there be a civil war in Germany: Nazis are becoming increasingly popular


For months now, refugee crisis has been the number one topic across all types of media. Thousands of refugees are coming into Europe because they were promised shelter.

From the very beginning of the crisis, people have expressed their hatred towards refugees. That hatred has even increased after the terrorist attacks in Paris.

Due to all this, it has to be noted that hate was what led Nazis to do all those crimes against Jews during the WWII. It seems that the same thing is happening now. German hatred is directed toward Muslims.

Germany has a lot on their plate and they have to find a way to properly deal with thousands of refugees. Even though the media are flooded by crimes committed by refugees, they are also victims of violence and beatings.

This hatred led to the creation of a movement called PEGIDA, which is an acronym for Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West. A convicted criminal is behind this movement. They managed to get party called Alternative for Germany on their side.

The people of Germany blame the elite for not doing anything to solve the refugee crisis. The sad truth behind this refugee crisis is that it was instigated by the same elite.

There are two opinions in Germany, concerning the refugee crisis. The mainstream media support the opinion of Angela Merkel that Germans should welcome refugees. At the same time, mainstream media air warnings that ISIS terrorists are coming into Europe disguised as refugees.

Coverage of refugee crisis in German media serves only to raise fear and cause panic and hatred towards refugees because the people of Germany feel threatened.

Psychologists call this strategy a shock strategy or paranoia switch. The purpose of this is to influence people to believe and accept even the most unspeakable ideas. The purpose of increasing fear and panic among people is to create a totalitarian police state which is supported by the elite.

Alternative source of news influence people even more than mainstream media. This is because people look for the truths somewhere else. One message is behind these so-called truths – do not allow Muslims to enter Europe and corrupt our culturally advanced country.

Conclusion of a conference organized by a magazine called Compact is that if something is legally right, it means that it cannot be inhumane. This statement serves as a justification for rising hatred towards Muslims and committing crimes against them.

In other words, Germany should not give protection to poor people who suffered a lot due to bombing and exploiting by the West.

Alternative media considers refugee crisis a war against Europe by means of invasion.

Instead of directly blaming the refugees, people should think more clearly and observe that NATO and the West are responsible for everything that is happening now.

The people of Germany were also once refugees after the WWII. Therefore, they must change their stance of hatred into the one of empathy and compassion and willingness to help those in need.

People should be aware that those charming politicians in charge are driven by power, not moral or sympathy.


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