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Why Russia supports Trump- The truth


It is very convenient that the new headline of the week has been the hack of the Democratic Party servers, just in time to draw attention away from the scandalous Democratic party e-mail leak and to blame the Russians. Two birds, one stone.

Indeed, most are shocked that outside agents like Putin and Assange are trying to influence the elections for the new US president. Whatever their true, unambiguous attention and role in these election was, one thing is clear- The democrats tried to rig the elections in favor of Hillary Clinton and quite clearly, seen in the e-mails leaked by Wikileaks, tried to sabotage Bernie Sanders campaign.

We must not ignore that way this narrative is playing out. People are now more offended and mad at the „dastardly“ way the Russians are manipulating America and are in the employ of Donald Trump, without paying attention to a point of real manipulation, done by their own government, right under their noses.

There is ample proof of Hillary Clinton’s actions, but so far, no proof of Russia’s.

Trump only digs himself deeper as he makes remarks about how Russian intelligence should indeed access Clinton’s restricted e-mails. He tried to save face by latter saying that he was being sarcastic. The problem here is that in America, and most of the west, there is little to no access to Russian news and information. Very few Americans have ever even heard Putin speak, or know what his policies are.

For years the Russians have been demonized as „the“ bad guys in western media.

However, if we take all this into account, and do decide that the Russians did, in fact, hack and sabotage Hillary Clinton, then why didn’t they do the same to the Republicans, further destabilizing the elections?

If you believe that the Russians would support Trump, then you need to listen to a couple of Putin’s speeches. It makes absolutely no sense for Trump and Putin to be working together, as Russia does not, nor ever did, like and support America.

Continuing with the idea that Russia is supporting Trump, by sabotaging Clinton, the only real reason for this act is very simple- Putin believes that Trump being president of America would ruin the country, if not even the whole west.

China‘s Finance Minister called Trump irrational, and believes that someone like Trump would ruin the world economy. Indeed, the Finance Minister claims that Trumps ideas surrounding the World Trade Organization and Americas partnership with china would be disastrous for both countries.

This is important to mention because China and Russia have a tight economic, and at certain point, ideological bond. The fact is, if China believes Trump would be a poor president, there is no reason to believe that Russia does not feel the same way. Putin supports Trump because that would be in the Russia’s best national interest.

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