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WHY DID KISSINGER VISIT PUTIN: He conveyed the message that nuclear war is about to start

nuclear disaster

Vladimir Putin and Henry Kissinger had a private meeting. The sources revealed that the purpose of this meeting was to warn Putin about the upcoming nuclear war.

He warned Putin that the “ancient death cult” currently in control of the United States and the West “cannot be stopped”, and that a global war is almost set to become a reality.

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger became a hero due to his remarkable administration of the German city of Krefeld (where the Holocaust first began in 1936) and his tracking down and capturing some of the most feared Nazi leaders of that regime, most particularly those belonging to the mysterious occult organization known as the Ahnenerbe.

As to President Putin’s actions upon receiving Secretary Kissinger’s warning, this report continues, he ordered immediately banned from Russia five top US officials identified as having fallen under the control of the Clinton-Obama “death cult”—all of whom were the main architects of reviving torture in American for their “demonic masters”, and who, like the Hitler regime before them, thrive on the torture and death of human beings. [Note: US officials banned from Russia under President Putin’s orders are: Alberto R. Gonzales, Douglas J. Feith, John Rizzo, Scott Bybee and William James Haynes II.]

But to the greatest concerns held by President Putin about Secretary Kissinger’s Clinton-Obama “death cult” warning, this report concludes, was his telling Russia’s leader that the Obama regime and its NATO allies were preparing to start World War III by provoking Turkey (which just put its troops on an “orange warning”) to attack Federation forces in Syria—which would, of course, force Russia to massively respond.



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