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WHAT GAME IS ANGELA MERKEL PLAYING: Severe attack on Putin, who is behind it


Angela Merkel is not satisfied with the decisions made by President Putin. She has recently threatened Vladimir Putin for ignoring the New World Order.

Merkel is getting ‘more and more exasperated’ with the ‘reckless behaviour’ of President Putin, to the point where she felt it necessary to instruct Rudiger von Fritsch, the German Ambassador to the Russian Federation, to pass on her strongly worded threat.

It is understood Putin prefers not to take direct personal telephone calls from Merkel, hence her use of von Fritsch as messenger.

As for Merkel, she is well known in diplomatic circles for making ‘repeated highly personal attacks’ on President Putin.  International summits like the G8 and G20 are often made extremely awkward due to her behaviour around Putin.  ‘He has always been a real pain in the ass,’ she was overheard saying at the G20 summit in Brisbane in 2014, while sitting at her table with a face on, staring at him across the room.  ‘Who does he think he is?’

The history of Merkel and Putin falling out is now shrouded in the mists of time, but it is widely accepted in Kremlin circles that the key moment occurred in 2003 when Merkel, leader of the opposition party at the time, sent a highly unusual request to see Putin away from his bodyguards at the Hotel Adlon in Berlin.  She had booked the entire suite of rooms on the upper level.

It is understood Putin, being naturally courageous and curious, was intrigued by the invitation, but his FSS guards strongly objected and the rendezvous did not take place.

The incident created a general misunderstanding between the pair and by all accounts Angela Merkel went crazy, ramping up her badmouthing of Putin and, after becoming Chancellor of Germany, attempted to sabotage his plans whenever possible.


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