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Rising tensions between Beijing and Washington

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China is going to modify thousands of merchant ships for military purposes, in order to be prepared for rising tensions between Beijing and Washington.

If naval conflict occurs, China will be equipped with war ships which provide a reserve military logistics wing.

Shipbuilding companies will receive a government financial support to compensate for the cost of making the militarily useful vessels.

The president of American Maritime Congress, James Caponiti, explained that Beijing’s plan to modify ships with military technology means that China is increasing its military force while Washington is not doing anything similar.

According to Cao Weidong, researcher at People’s Liberation Army, mass construction of naval ships in peacetime is not economically reasonable, while a large number of ships have to be mobilized during the modern naval warfare.

While China kept issuing warnings to the US because their surveillance planes were flying over the area, the tensions have been building because Beijing has reinforced military in the South China Sea.

The US is demands Beijing to discontinue building artificial islands, which will inevitably lead to war unless the US stops making such demands.

If an accidental collision between aircraft happens, which already had happened in 2001, it could flicker a deadly conflict.

Billionaire investor George Soros has also expressed his opinion on tensions between two forces. Based on his opinion, China might even incite a conflict with the United States.

If US considers relationship with China as a zero-sum game, the losses will be much greater than the gains.

If China aligns with Russia financially, politically and militarily, this could lead external conflict to escalate into a military confrontation with ally of the United States such as Japan. If such a course of actions happens, we could be on the threshold of the third world war.


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