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US will initiate hybrid warfare against Russia


US will initiate hybrid warfare against Russia. Russia’s involvement in Ukraine crisis has led to this. Hybrid warfare will include mass rallies, cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure and deployment of irregular troops.

So far, evidence of Russia’s involvement in eastern Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Lugansk does not exist. Russia continues to deny that the country is providing support to Ukrainian regions.

NATO has conducted military exercises in Europe in order to prepare for possible situation with Russia. NATO believes that Russia will try to gain control of the Baltic region.

NATO also uses this possible scenario as a reason for military spending in eastern European NATO countries and to justify the presence of US troops in Europe.

According to German media, 40,000 US soldiers are stationed in Germany. Significant number of units will be positioned in the Baltic States.

In addition to this, the US is considering to deploy a number of nuclear weapon into Germany.

It has been reported that the US is assessing and updating its contingency plans for a war with Russia.

Putin’s response to this is that Russia’s military is not offensive and that it is all bit exaggerated.

The Russian Foreign Ministry views the US army buildup in Europe as unneeded expense for member states and counterproductive. NATO does not have to provoke Russia by such actions.

NATO is conducting airborne operations which include participants from 11 NATO member states. 5000 soldiers will participate in this military exercise.

Russia has also started an exercise in which 95,000 troops took part.



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