Wednesday , March 29 2017
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US Nightmares Come True: Russia, China ‘Seriously Outplay’ Washington


When US decided to impose sanctions on Russia, they never imagined that such actions would have a negative impact on them. This resulted in Russia’s pivot to Asia and thriving relationship between Russia and China.

The relationship between Russia and China is at its highest peak in the past 50 years. No other country can influence the thriving relationship between these two allies.

Russia and China have started mutually beneficial deals. China will boost Russia’s economy by investing nearly half a trillion dollars in gas and oil deals. Russia became China’s partner instead of an enemy.

This will strengthen China’s position in Eurasia, which represents the economic future for China. China plans to use its border with fourteen nations as its strategic asset.

Partnership between Russia and China raises the attention of all other countries, especially the attention of the US.


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