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This is the center from where Vladimir Putin commands – VIDEO

Russia’s National Defense Control Center

Russia’s National Defense Control Center (NDCC) is a magnificent building of huge proportions. This magnificent control center was built in less than two years.

An existing Ministry of Defense complex was upgraded in a way that makes it even more powerful than the Pentagon.

This new command center can even endure attacks coming from the outside. The new command center consists of many command areas, underground tunnels, transportation routes and facilities, helicopter pads and many more.

Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to modernize the existing command and control center. This idea was born in May of 2013. The newly built complex has three different control areas. Those are Control Center of Strategic Nuclear Forces, the Combat Control Center that analyzes threats, and the Daily Activities Control Center.

According to Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, the new defense center will serve as a facility which coordinates and solves activities of Russia’s interest and gather information from the environment.

The facility is modernized and equipped with the latest technology. All computers were manufactured in Russia in order to avoid even the slightest chance of espionage and cyber intrusion. One super computer is used for complex mathematical models for war-gaming, communication, command and control and other tasks. Control rooms are equipped with a theater-like seating area with a tablet computer available for every seat.

Putin recently presided in a room which had rows of seats with computer stations positioned at each of them with a giant video projection screens. Putin and his generals work behind the frosted glass.

The room that appears to be used for regular meetings and military briefings is a wood paneled room. It is also equipped with tablet computers, wrap-around projection screens and elaborate light fixtures.

It was also revealed that an air combat command center exists within the premises.

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