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The USA is considering the unification of the USA, Canada and Mexico into one superstate


There are rumors of possible union between the US, Canada and Mexico into one powerful state.

The discussions about joining the armies of the US and Canada even took place between General Tom Lawson and General Martin Dempsey.

These pieces of information are not a novelty, because two forces were commonly deployed together overseas in recent years. In addition to this, forces of two countries work together under the NORAD.

Documents dating from October of 2013 revealed that discussions were held on the topic of collaboration of all branches of the military. The purpose of this was to integrate all branches of the military in order to deploy them together in unison.

It appears that such plans were discussed only by General Dempsey and General Lawson. The US and the Canadian government were not informed of such discussions.

According to a spokesman from the defense minister’s office Daniel Proussalidis, the concept of Canada-U.S. military integration was neither orchestrated nor reviewed by the government.

However, based on the information from the Defense Department, these discussions were approved by the government.

The discussions are probably secretive because Canadians would be mad because of the idea that their military would be integrated with the US military.

Representative of Canada’s Defense Department stated that Canada is currently not prepared to become a part of such an agreement. However, Canada is preparing military for the possible future missions with the US army.

As people of Canada would not approve the integration, the governments of two countries decided to take things slowly without alarming the public.


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