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The Rothschild’s plan – Creating pre-WWI Europe


According to sources from Germany and the United States, the Rothschild’s plan was to “reverse” the results of WWI by bringing back the German, Russian and Austro-Hungarian monarchies. Today, we see this plan being implemented by using a new common enemy – Islam. These so-called “Muslim” terrorists are always alone, acting as solo agents, and always die in their attacks. This is very convenient as it escapes them being tried by a court of law and evades the risk of them actually telling the truth and revealing the facts behind their attacks.

The beginning of their plan is made out of three parts. First, a series of terrorist attacks which are all credited to Islam and Muslims. Second, European banks will be weakened and will shut down by September or October. Third, the royal families of Europe will give generous amounts of money to the people, will resurrect the same economy they destroyed, but, in exchange for their service, the monarchies of Europe will be reinstated.

This new system will be led by the German Kaiser, or emperor, and he will have four kings under him. The sources believe that likely candidates will come from either the Hapsburg or Hohenzollern families. Prince Michael of Kent will most probably be the new Tsar of Russia, seeing as he has ties to the Romanov family. This makes sense, as Russian sources claim that Vladimir Putin was placed by a faction of the KGB that was still loyal to the Russian royal family.

This all, along with Erdogan’s efforts to restore the Ottoman empire, will result in the resurrection of the Turkish, German and Austro-Hungarian empires and will bring back Europe to the situation it was in before the first World War. Even the fact that the UK left the EU means that the British Royal Family means it will be its separate entity, and will not be subjugated by the rest of the new (or rather old) monarchies of Europe.

We can expect a number of violent attacks by the end of autumn, as well as Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande losing power. Also, in America, we can expect Hillary being indicted, as CIA sources claim that this is a prerequisite requested by China. In exchange, the USA will be given thousands of metric tons of gold so as to save the dollar from imploding.

Former Democratic National Committee leader Debbie Wasserman Schultz will most likely be assassinated by the end of the year, so claim CIA sources, in order to prevent her from testifying. All this adds to the instability present in Washington, a situation not helped by the supposed “Russian” e-mail leak which help rig the presidential nominee election in favor of Clinton.

Another point is the re-institution of the Glass-Steagall act, which will repair the damage done to the American financial system by both the Bush and Clinton administration.

CIA sources also claim that the Freemason lodge put Tim Kaine, a Jesuit, as the democratic VP. Seeing as how the Freemasons also support Trump, the Americans do not have much of a choice in these elections but to serve the Freemasons.

John Kerry acted as a regular shill for the Satanic corporation Dupont. Last Friday in Vienna, he claimed that “air conditioners were as big a threat to life as terrorism”. He said this because the patent on fluorine gas was expiring, and by saying this and instituting a new patent, he will save his business partners an annual twenty billion dollars.

The White Dragon society has put a one ton gold bounty on many members and leader of the Khazarian mafia. Special Forces from the White House have contacted the society and asked for written bounty notices. They claim they did this in order to avoid situations where different Special Forces fight each other in order for one agency to fight, and the other to protect, the individual on the list.

Nathan Rotshchild’s announcement that his father is not invited to his wedding is a clear move on his part to distance himself from his family and so, the bounty on his head has been suspended. The compound in Zug, Switzerland, where the Rothschild’s are hiding, will not be attacked by a missile, but by a precise and clean attack. This is because Asian secret societies do not wish to destroy ancient cultural treasures just to take out these old men.

The events surrounding the South China Sea occurrence are just a front for the Rothschild’s in the ongoing bankruptcy negations connected with USA and UN corporations.

Pentagon sources claim that the repercussion from the failed coup in Turkey may have signed Erdogan’s death sentence, as now there are over 90 US nuclear warheads and 1500 airmen serving as hostages in Incirlik. Still, Turkey is monitored by Russia, Iraq, Syria and Iran as, so claim the Pentagon sources, “nobody trusts Erdogan”.

Another important point relating to the events in the Middle East is that Russia has been gathering intelligence about Israeli military structure. It is expected that Israel will soon be a Jewish autonomous zone when the Caliphate is restored. Their attempt to discredit and vilify Islam by using “fake radical Islamic ISIS boogeymen” has been a complete failure.



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