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The evidence: Capitalism just isn’t working

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In every capitalist society everything is for sale, everything can be bought, there is a market for everything. However, it is becoming quite clear that basic human rights cannot be bought and sold.

On a global level, 70 the world’s richest people own as much as 3.5 billion people own.

Capitalism can’t control the way in which people try to make profit. They even want to profit from global warming. In the world guided by capitalism, there isn’t any social responsibility.

The unemployment rate is on the rise. Many middle-class positions are disappearing, while low-income and part-time jobs are the only reality.

Instead of investing in new product R&D, CEOs decided to find a way to further enrich investors by spending their profits on buybacks and dividends.

When it comes to failures in healthcare, everything is guided by profit. A hepatitis pill is sold for $1,000 in the United States, whereas in Egypt it is sold for only 10$. A simple blood test can cost you $10 to $10,000 in the US.

Bottled water sold to Americans is simply tap water. Actually, the only difference is in the name. It is not simply tap water – it is bottled tap water, but with a fancy name.

Many charter schools had to be closed due to lack of transparency. Based on a report from PR Watch, billions of dollars were spent on charters without accountability to the public.

It is quite disappointing and sad that people have become meaningless in the race for bigger profits in the seemingly successful capitalist system.


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