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The elite has a great fear of death


Everyone is afraid of dying, but death is inevitable and we all have to accept that fact. However, it looks like the elite takes this fact pretty hard.

They are investing a lot of their time and money in trying to protect themselves from all possible threats, from everything and everyone that can hurt them or put their fortune at risk. House alarms stopped being sufficient long time ago. They now need body guards, safe rooms and security bunkers. Their fear of death is so strong that makes them believe and invest in life extension technologies and research. Well, this probably is not the fear anymore, it is paranoia.

When a person lives in a highly urbanized area, for example, in New York City, building high and thick walls, engaging an army or installing heavy gates with security locks can be quite challenging, because of the insufficient space. What makes the situation even more complex is the fact that elite wants to have the comfort and the full security at the same time.

Tom Gaffney, the president of the company Gaffco Ballistics, is familiar with this situation. His job is to install safe rooms in the houses of rich people. As he explains, they are afraid because they have so much to lose.

Common people are often envious of the rich, because of their wealth. Now it is clear that despite that wealth, most of them don’t live happily. They are faced with constant fear, and are always under the tension.

The fear that the rich people are constantly exposed to, is additionally supported by the fact that wealth inequality became obvious, so they see the threat in the anger of deprived masses. This is why the elite is buying properties in remote locations.

However, there is another problem. No matter how rich they are, wealthy people, even those who bought themselves places to escape to, cannot escape death. If they are not killed by some man-caused or natural disaster, the aging will eventually be fatal.

This is why many of them put their hopes (and money) into medical research and wait for the experts to find the way to extend life. Some of those studies promise success.

These studies are focused on discovering the secrets of organisms that live long, and the goal is to use the new information to create microscopic nanobots that can provide the human body with the same qualities. Reprograming the DNA and digitizing the human brain is what needs to be done in order to create conditions for longer life.

There is also a belief that humans and machines will merge at some point. Cyborgs, or transhumans, would definitely have longer or even indefinite lifespans. This is not just the idea from a science fiction movie. Scientists are working on it seriously. According to those scientists, the moment of merging will be the crucial moment in the evolution, equally important as the moment when life appeared on this planet for the first time.

Prof Harari is convinced that dissatisfaction of the human race will make people to ‘upgrade’ themselves. The human race that we know today will be replaced with some new race. The difference between these two races is going to be obvious, just like the difference between humans and chimpanzees is now.

When the life extension technology is ready, the wealthy people will be to first ones with an access to it. That is the moment when they will start thinking of themselves as of omnipotent beings. They won’t need God, they will only need technology.

Prominent transhumanist Mark Pesce points out that the human race strives to find the escape, or another form of existence because it is aware that everything around us is finite including people, planets, stars…

However, the infinite life probably won’t be available to everyone. The new technology will only be available to the elite. If everyone could live very long or infinite lives, the planet would be overpopulated. The elite doesn’t want that.

The future that elite has in mind involves only 500 million people (far less than today). There won’t be poverty and diseases. There won’t be any kind of conflicts or threats. The Earth will become the heaven shaped by the needs of the new immortal race.

Now, the only question is whether the elite will manage to achieve this utopia?

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