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T-14 Armata: Russia’s pride caught attention of the West


Ten days ago, during the celebration of Victory Day, Russia presented its brand-new Armata tank. It is one of a kind, the only one that meets the six-zone principles, which is why everyone was so interested in seeing it.

This new military vehicle amazed not just the common people, but specialists as well. Sure, Russia is not the only country with mighty tanks, but no one else, including the US, England, France, Greece, Turkey, Australia or South Korea have anything similar. What is so special about this tank?

First of all, there is the fact that new tanks don’t appear every day. In fact, in most cases when a country release a “new tank” that is actually the old model, only improved. For example, that was the case with German Leopard, which got a longer gun with the new version. The Japanese tank Type 10 was also an upgraded vehicle.

Designing and producing completely new military vehicle require significant investments. Russia is still struggling with the consequences of previous crises (1990s and 2008), not to mention the difficulties Russia has been facing since 2014. So, yes, when a country in an economic condition similar to Russia’s current financial situation, presents a completely new, highly capable military vehicle, it is impossible not to pay attention.

When it comes to tanks, expectations have changed since the World War II. Today, a tank should meet a six-zone principle, and the Russian T-14 Armata is the first and the only tank to meet these significant requirements.

The six zones are: “avoid a collision”, “avoid detection”, “avoid target acquisition”, “avoid hit”, “avoid penetration” and “avoid destruction”.

The first zone means that the tank is capable of evading a stronger enemy, which is why Armata has a radar with a range of 100km. Thanks to this equipment, this tank can automatically destroy any threat just in time.

During the war, it is always better to stay unnoticed. Russian approach to avoiding detection is reflected through smaller tank towers, without the crew in the tower.

Unlike Russian Armata, the US Abrams requires three crew members in the tower. This means that their towers have to be big, which also means that the tank can be easily spotted.

If the tank is equipped with the electronically competitive systems, in terms of warfare, this means that the third zone of the six-zone principle is pleased.

The fourth zone is about protection. It means that the tank must protect itself by destroying a missile coming towards the tank, regardless of the direction the missile is coming from.

Avoiding penetration means that even in the case of impact, the tank must not break. At the Victory parade, T-14 Armata showed off its protective armor shields.

Lastly, even if the tank gets broken, the crew must survive. That’s what the sixth zone is about. With Armata, this problem is solved by putting the crew members inside of the armored capsule.

It is clear that, with this new tank, Russia has given a serious homework to all other countries. In addition to all previously mentioned, while on the actual battlefield, Armata will also be protected by infantry combat vehicles.

T-14 Armata is equipped with 1,500hp engine, it weighs 60 tons, with the ratio of 25hp/t. Its speed is 70km/h.

Obviously, Russia has set the new battle limits, but after creating the famous T-34 tank, nothing less was expected.


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