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The end of Syrian war is not foreseeable in the near future


It seems that end to the Syrian war is not foreseeable in the near future. Even though the Syrian army is outgunned and outnumbered by its opponent, it is not going to cave in.

But Syrian military is now under the attack of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra along wide fronts in rows of suicide trucks. The attackers have more advanced technology than Syrians and are able to fire three or four missiles at a single Syrian tank.

At Palmyra, in Homs province Syrian troops confronted around 2,000 Isis fighters that were repeatedly attacking them. They discovered that they were equipped with advanced body armour, thermal missiles, pile of Muslim prayer books in Russian, artillery of 10,000 rounds of ammunition per each rebel and loads of Snickers chocolate bars.

As reported by American experts, the Syrian army will deliberately withdraw into the mountains of the Alawites and try to maintain open road to from Damascus to the Mediterranean coast via Homs.

In contrast to American experts, Syrian experts talk about a political strategy. The regime must keep their footing in the major cities in a line from Aleppo south through Hama and Homs to Damascus and deny both Nusra or Isis of a potential capital in Syria. The second largest metropolis after Damascus, Aleppo could be a capital worthy of the name. Because it is of interest to the enemies, Allepo must be kept by the Syrian government.

The rebels use execution as much as the suicide bomb. Iranian military personnel can be seen around the battlefield, learning how to fight using the battle tactics used by their fathers in war between Iran and Iraq. Syrian army needs men since their losses amount to  50,000 dead. So, the Iranians and Afghan Shia fighters from Kabul are there at the right time for Bashar al-Assad. In case the army ceases to exist, no other force will be  able to keep holding Syria together.

A medical doctor and a deputy foreign minister Faisal Mekdad explained that anyone that wants to fight is welcome since they are fighting against party of terrorists.  He claims that the French and British are going to rehabilitate Nusra, even though Nusra is a part of al-Qaeda. He further explains that they are aware of possibility of losing Aleppo. The strategic plan is to maintain the road open to Allepo, so that forces can defend it. He is well aware that being in war with someone means that you will lose one city but gain another and so on. Also, he said that they have to be ready to re-energize and reorganize the army in order to achieve what was planned. He is strongly confident that they can defend Allepo. He explains that every city is important, but if they maintain hold of the biggest cities, smaller ones can be retrieved militarily and politically. Syria must survive, as it is the most important thing.

Soldiers are fighting against number of suicide Isis men who fight until the very last moment when they blow themselves up. Syrian officer commented that Isis man must be killed before they get close to you. Because if they do, you won’t be able to defend yourself.

In theory, the end to this conflict could happen if the nuclear talks are successful. Based on the agreement between Americans and Russians, Assad will be shipped to exile in Moscow and the Iranians will stop the war.

The only thing that remains now is the defense of Aleppo. Further discussion about the Baath Party or the President Assad is out of focus at this point.


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