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Theory of Parallel Worlds


In a new theory physicists claim that other worlds exist and interact with our world. The theory proposes that parallel worlds interact on the quantum level with our world and that is why it is detectable.

According to Howard Wiseman, a physicist at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, the talk of parallel universes in quantum mechanics emerged around 1957.

As he is one of the physicists who came up with “Many Interesting Worlds”, he explains that every time a quantum measurement is made, each universe branches into a group of new universes. Every scenario is possible there – for example, in some of the universes Portuguese colonized Australia.

As these realities do not have an impact on our universe, the question is whether they are even real.  Wiseman and colleagues put forward a theory that universal force of repulsion occurs between similar worlds, which has a tendency to make them further unalike.

The ultimate test for this theory will be to test whether it properly mathematically predicts quantum effects. This theory certainly leaves room for imagination.

This gives rise to a question whether people could one day interact with other worlds. According to Wiseman, the idea of such possibility is no longer a fantasy.

Maybe someday such scientific reasoning might explain the thousands of alleged UFO sightings which happen every year.

Or, maybe in the future a person will have an option to see what his life would look like in an alternative world where different choices are possible.

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