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Soros knows: Nuclear war will happen in a decade


In his book The Crash of 2008 and What it Means, global financier George Soros detailed every action that has to be taken by governments and banking institutions to avoid a total global meltdown.

George Soros is a highly influential individual in areas of finance, business and politics. He is a member of a very inner circle of the elite. He was involved in the election of American Presidents and directly involved in the collapse of the Russian Ruble in the late 1990’s.

In line with his latest article, Soros stated that if the United States and China fail to cooperate in political and financial spheres, it will lead to a widespread nuclear war within a decade.

For the US government the losses will be greater than the gains if they proceed with a zero-sum game relationship with China. Consequences of this could lead to a third world war.

As China is aligning with Russia in all fields, it might take ten years or more for Russian–Chinese military alliance to be ready to confront the US directly.

Soros added that China is prepared to include its currency in the global SDR maintained by the IMF, which will enable global reach of their currency and some level of reserve status. The United States is against this, which further leads to more antagonism between East and West.

It is unlikely that the US will give up its superior position by surrendering economic power to the Chinese.

On the other hand, it is unlikely that China and Russia will simply let the US continue to push for global hegemony in finance, economy, politics and military.

Soros suggested some solutions, but as it has happened throughout human history, egos, money, power and influence will prevail over peaceful resolutions.

If the United States, China, and Russia enhance military activity in proxy states like Ukraine, Iran, Syria and even North Korea, dangerous events will keep escalating.

In a documentary, Joel Skousen also recognized that a war with China and Russia may be inevitable. The war might happen in the 2020’s because by that time China and Russia will increase their military and technological capabilities.

Skousen estimates that the war will probably start in Asia. South Korea will be the first under attack. In order to overpower two million troops, the US will have to use tactical nuclear weapons. The China is going to use this as their justification to use nuclear weapons against the Unites States.

It is impossible to predict what will act as a catalyst, but it is evident that the most powerful countries in the world are increasing their military forces. Similar activity was noted years before the World War I.

The only difference is that now all countries have nuclear weapons in their possession.



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