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Sila Sveta – Probably the most Amazing Video and Light Art in the World (VIDEO)

Sila Sveta
Sila Sveta

Sila Sveta is an establishment that started as a small independent video-art group and grew into one the most innovative digital art studios.

Now, they work with the biggest clubs, festivals and even The Houston Space Center.

Sila Sveta (Power of Light) is an interactive media, production and conceptual design company. At least that’s what opens the “About” section on their website. 

2016 has been a hard year for the electronic music community in Moscow, as it has been for London and Ibiza. The Outline festival was forced to close on the same day it was supposed to take place due to some paperwork lacking as the official reason for cancellation. Sila Sveta had to leave behind their installation, which was supposed to become probably the biggest visual installation the Russian underground music scene has ever seen.

Outline festival stayed a must-have-been dream, but the people who were involved keep moving on.

As for Sila Sveta, their work has long time ago expanded over the borders of Russian Federation.

Remember the America’s Got Talent video that stunned the world, where the dancers move in a 3D environment, created by video projections and light? That was Sila Sveta and the crazy mind of Alexander US – one of the founders of Sila Sveta created the concept and brought it to the USA.

The other breathtaking work of the crew was the mapping of the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow.


And the Audi Q7 VR, an immersive experience at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art.

Audi Q7 VR Cinema from SILA SVETA on Vimeo.

Sila Sveta are unique in their ability to make fairy tales as for children, as for grown ups. They started as a small group who got the residency at one of the most famous Moscow night clubs called Krysha Mira (The Roof of the World). They come from the underground, as well as all the talents, exported recently from Russia as Nina Kraviz and Nikita Zabelin. They come from electronic music industry and that’s what constantly give them inspiration.

The event industry noticed Sila Sveta when they created an installation for the “Circle of light” festival, where they won the Grand Prix. As for international recognition, Alexander Us gives credit to the company that produces visual development platform which Sila Sveta was the first to use. Derivative recognised Sila Sveta as one of the leaders of the software use and published an article about them.

Sila Sveta and Arma 17:

There was also Arma 17 – the best techno club in Russia, which hosted all the biggest names on the scene and rocked the best sound system in Moscow, as well as a gorgeous location.
The project for the club’s sixth birthday gained attention from the international community.

Arma Faces | Installation @ Arma17 6 Years Party from SILA SVETA on Vimeo.

Guy Gerber told about Sila Sveta to the people outside Russia. That’s when the US based Creative Artist Agency offered the company a contract.

When we were talking with Alexander and Natalia (Natalia Fuchs – Sila Sveta Global Communications Director), they shared the news – Sila Sveta was booked to the USA.

Sila Sveta and The Houston Space Center:

The Houston Space Center, which is the holy place of American cosmic technologies and space travel, booked the crew to take part in creating a permanent installation for the Mission to Mars project. That’s the “intellectual and international” part of the company’s business dealing with cultural institutions worldwide.

Though, the fact that all the people, who are involved in Sila Sveta come from the underground culture and spent their youth hanging and working at various clubs, plays an important role in what they do.

Sila Sveta – The Message:

They build an important bridge between the people who speak the language of vivid art and freedom and conservative circles. They have that unique opportunity to revive the established institutions by bringing their visual language and integrating it into the – sometimes frozen – intellectual environment. That language will translate the everlasting values to the young generations in a manner that is close and understandable to them.


We wish all the luck to the group and are waiting to see more of their work worldwide.

Learn More about Sila Sveta 

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