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Abolition of cash is one of main discussions at Bilderberg meeting


As stated by some people, a very quiet covert war on cash is already in progress. You should watch out for your bank account, debit card and gold reserves. Bilderberg meeting is about to take place in luxury resort in Telfs-Buchen, Austria, were the world’s elite are meeting in secret.

According to investigative journalists, the top discussions among top power brokers will include preparations for restricting currency and penalizing or eventually banning cash.

As attendees are bankers, brokers, equity giants and financiers, the agenda corresponds with report of investigative journalists.

The discussion of the Bilderberg Group entails imposing more capital controls on average citizens. An ironic fact is that group chairman of HSBC, who will be a part of this conference, has to pay more than $40 million dollars because he conducted illegal money laundering involving arms dealers and helped the wealthy avoid taxes.

It is quite unbelievable that someone who was involved in illegal money transactions and tax fraud is going to participate in discussions at Bilderberg focused on money abolition and the imposition of capital controls on ordinary citizens whose sole purpose is to stop tax fraud and permit more state control over people’s finances.

Another topics that are about to be discussed concern the justification for stopping financing of terror groups like ISIS and discuss new controls on the sale of precious metals throughout Europe.

Elimination of physical currency is required by a number of influential people. The goal of this is to give power to banks and governments to directly control your finances under the excuse of preventing an economic downfall and bank runs.

If cash is banned, the banking industry will be watching and controlling every digital transaction inside the system.

The insiders will have all the knowledge of profit from every transaction, which gives them a lot of power.


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