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Our world is going trough its sixth global extinction


According to scientists from the Yale University, our world is going through Holocene extinction. This extinction is the sixth global extinction.

The previous extinction is known as Chicxulub impactor. It took place 65 million after a giant asteroid diminished 75% of all species.

In case of sixth extinction, the human race is responsible for the scary scenario. Everything from alarming rate of loss of life on the planet and the extremely long recovery time the Earth requires to recover from the loss of biodiversity has to be taken seriously.

Genetic information is being lost which means that species are dying away. Every species, living or dying, holds unique survival information hidden in their genetic code.

In order to improve our own survival rate, people have to learn from that information. Unfortunately, because species are dying away, we might never have the chance to do that and use the information in our favor.

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