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Russia’s nuclear submarine weapon system could wipe out entire coast lines


Russia has recently leaked a document about one of their latest weapon developments. This disclosure was unintentional.

It was revealed to the public that Russia plans to develop a self-propelled nuclear torpedo. This powerful weapon has the ability to affect the target at a range of 10,000 kilometers. Radiation would affect even those hiding in underground shelters.

These pieces of information were disclosed briefly on Russian state television. Russian officials claim that it happened on accident.

Based on this document, Russia is developing a weapon called Ocean Multipurpose System: Status-6.  The document was revealed in a close-up during the piece about a meeting between Vladimir Putin and military officials.

Some people are not so convinced that this revelation of Russian nuclear weapon development happened accidentally. Some consider this a warning directed at the Obama administration.

Furthermore, if Russia obtains such weapon, it would disable all military, economic, business or other activities in a targeted area for the extended period of time.

This nuclear submarine weapon system would have the ability to cause immense damage to the coastal regions and contaminate it with radiation. Existing missile defense systems will be unable to detect it.

Konstantin Sivkov of the Russian Geopolitical Academy revealed that such weapon could be responsible for a 1,000ft high tsunami. If such nuclear submarine is equipped with a 100 megatons warhead, it could produce unthinkable damage within the range of 1,500km.

If such weapon is aimed at coastal regions of the US, 39% of the total American population would be eliminated with just a few detonations.

Another Russian publication Rossiiskaya Gazeta revealed that the warhead corresponds to the description of extremely radioactive cobalt warheads. The weapon developed by a submarine design bureau Rubin and it is meant to be launched by nuclear-powered submarines of the 09852 “Belgorod” and 09851 “Khabarovsk” series.

Russia has increased its military spending this year to 33%, and this only serves to prove that Russia is investing serious money into new weapon developments.

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