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Russian revenge: Russians support the Kurds and push Turks from Syria


Russia decided to team up with Kurdish rebels in order to get back at Turkey for their open hostility towards Russia.

According to, Russia is now aiding Kurdish rebels, a group that has been labeled as “terrorists” by Turkey

The deployment of S-400 anti-air missiles means Russia has effectively imposed a no-fly zone over Syria.

The Syrian Kurdish forces (YPG) is a US-backed Kurdish group ( although western cooperation with the group has been limited in order to avoid ruffling Erdogan’s feathers) that has pushed the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) back from areas along the border with Turkey.

In an attempt to change the solely “Kurdish face” of anti-ISIL ground troops, it aligned with some Arab brigades to form “the Syria Democratic Forces” (SDF).

The SDF are now engaged in a fierce battle with Turkey-backed opposition factions in what is considered to be an important corner of Syria – the northern countryside of Aleppo.
To be more specific: the area west of the Euphrates River, which Turkey calls a red line.

The SDF captured some opposition-controlled towns close to the Turkish border of Kilis – known in Syria as Bab al-Salameh, an important lifeline for rebel groups.

This new alliance could be a fatal blow to Turkey’s geopolitical aspirations in Syria (along with  Russia’s de facto no fly zone).

The YPG has still not pushed west of the Euphrates, but along with its allies, and with the help of Russian strikes, the SDF are threatening Turkey-backed opposition groups in another key border crossing, Kilis, west of Jarablous.

Losing control of the northern countryside of Aleppo would be a setback for the opposition. Turkey, too, would lose influence.

But Russian President Vladimir Putin seems to be eyeing an even bigger victory. He called on the Assad government and the political wing of the YPG to unite. This has still not happened – at least not officially.

But Syrian Kurdish officials have said they are ready to work with anyone fighting ISIL, and anyone who works for a united, secular and democratic Syria.

Such an alliance would change the battlefield and the balance of power on the ground.
Russia is giving direct air support to an anti-Turkish group that could actually push Turkish-backed forces out of Syria for good.

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  • First things first, if president Obama had removed the terrorist designation of PKK and European NATO members had followed suit a year or two ago once it became clear the PKK had become a force for good (tolerant and democratic), what followed may not have happened. We would have less refugees, Erdogan would not have bombed the wrong people, the Russians watching that might not have copied them and most Turks and Kurds might be working together rather than on the verge of civil war (the patience of the PKK in the face of Erdogan’s murderous onslaught with modern jets and weapons is amazing). We should be getting the real news to all Turks — for they do not get it — and threatening to kick Turkey out of Nato unless Erdogan frees the press, stops oppressing the Kurds directly or by helping the CaliFAKE through trade which president Obama pretends we just learned about from intelligence. The oil tankers going through the open borders and other trade has been reported via videos on the internet for months maybe even years (none of this is my business yet even I have known that much). I am afraid that if we do not turn this around, in a decade or two, the photos of Merkel on the gold throne and Obama smiling forehead-to-forehead with the dictator will look worse than Chamberlain coming off that plane does to us today. It is monstrous that Putin could bomb all Syrians not on Assad’s side and equally monstrous that Obama could be party to Erdogan’s bombing of the PKK and assaults on Kurdish towns.

  • Talkative_mime

    PKK do attack civilians that do not agree with them, exactly like ISIS do. Hence the designation as a terrorist organization by EU and US.

    Your argument then reverse will claim Al queda (How ever you spell it) is good because they attack ISIS too. Sound right to you? You can’t have good and bad terrorists

  • All you write is logical but wrong. The “terrorist” designation was made long ago. The PKK changed. See the 42 minute documentary with English subtitles on PKK female fighters through to the end. It was made shortly before the CaliFAKE/ISIS began.
    At present, with the way Erdogan is laying siege to towns with a combined million people and destroying nature and infrastructure in Kurdish parts of Turkey, if the PKK were to resume terrorist-style attacks it would be hard to blame them.
    So let us pressure Erdogan to make peace instead of war with the Kurds before it is too late and Turkey has a civil war or falls into chaos after tourists stop coming and we boycott products made in Turkey.

  • Talkative_mime

    PKK did break the truce themselves when they attacked police. They can’t attack then expect no response, it was their own stupidity that created this situation, but still they are a terrorist organization. No such thing as good or bad terrorist.

    I doubt there will be a civil war there are like 10mil Kurds in Turkey, PKK make roughly 5k that is hardly representative.

  • 10 or 20x more good tolerant young Kurds and Turks got blown up shortly before that as you must know and I read rightly or wrongly that the police in that car were thought to have been complicit . . . If you watched the documentary I mentioned you would see that the YPG is trained by/with the PKK, for seeing fighting with ISIS a year or two later (the hr-long Canadian documentary) and others, I recognized a number of the women. The pershmerga links are obvious. All of these are courageous yet gentle people.The media in Turkey is afraid because of violence by the thugs (same as all fascist states) or arrest, so you don’t get the full story. From what I read the number of Kurds in Turkey is between 15-25 million. Or do you just want oppression of the Kurdish culture and language and of free-thinking Turks to continue?
    It is extremely hard for the PKK not to revenge the mass murder and destruction of property and nature Erdogan has done. I hope Europeans hurry up and take the PKK off the terrorist list before Erdogan’s terrorism succeeds in provoking them to do the same.

  • The only bad behavior I have heard of by the Kurds was by Iraq Kurds who are said to have demolished Arab parts of some towns — I have yet to hear of bad things done by the PKK or the groups they helped train. Since you cannot tell the difference between tolerant people struggling for autonomy and the CaliFAKE of the ISIS, I wonder if you are one of the Turks who keep trading with ISIS? There are many good Turks — the academics recently oppressed by Erdogan represent them — and your support for oppression while apparently well-meaning is murder-suicide for Turkey in the long run. I attach a link to a documentary showing the YPG training with the PKK and I challenge you to watch all of it and continue with your heartless dismissal of these good people. The documentary was mis-named on You-tube, for it is pre-ISIS, but I recognize some individuals who helped rescue Yazidis on that mountain. How can you sleep knowing Erdogan may well have murdered them with his F-16s?

  • Talkative_mime

    Check the amnesty international reports on the ethnic cleansing – In some areas the non Kurd populations were well “encouraged” to leave, you can guess what happens if they don’t. Label them isis and its a free for all.

    Kurds have started attacking the FSA forget attacking ISIS (we might get symbolic attacks to stay relevant.

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