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Russian missiles massacre American-Israeli tanks in Syria (VIDEO)


It appears that Russians managed to successfully destroy several Turkish tanks of American production in Syria. 

According to experts, the M60T tanks were destroyed by Russian 9M133 “Kornet” rockets.

In the published footage, precise anti-tank rocket strikes lead to the ignition and detonation of the ammunition loads of M60T tanks, the very models which have been advanced by the Israeli Sabra Mk.II project on American-produced M60 Patton tanks.

As has been reported, on September 9th, the Turkish army’s press service announced the death of 3 Turkish soldiers and one wounded in the Syrian Arab Republic as a result of a tank being hit by militants (see video 1 below). In the second video, two tanks are destroyed instantly.

Earlier, on September 6th, two Turkish soldiers were killed and 5 were wounded in a battle near the village of al-Waqf in the Aleppo province of Syria. Terrorists used anti-tank rockets to destroy 2 Turkish tanks which were providing cover for “Free Syrian Army” gangs’ offensive on ISIS positions west of the Euphrates. FSA militants also lost several men, including dead and wounded.

The Sabra Mk.II “Cactus” is a heavy tank developed in 2002-2005 by the Israeli company Israel Military Industries by modernizing the American M60A3. The Israelis arranged heavier body armor, dynamic defense systems, monitoring screens, a more powerful engine, and a new transmission. It was also equipped with a 12.7 mm M85 machine gun. The tank’s gun barrel was equipped with an insulating jacket. Despite all of this, the Israelis failed to create a highly effective tank for modern conditions. All 170 of the manufactured Sabra tanks were purchased by Turkey.

Since August 24th, the Armed Forces of Turkey have been carrying out the illegal “Euphrates Shield” operation in Northern Syria, the purpose of which is ousting Kurdish forces and ISIS gangs from Northern Syria.


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