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US is frightened by both Russia and China


It seems that the US government can’t decide whether Russia or China is their biggest adversary. This is the reason why the US is unable to create strategic plans. Russia was considered as the main enemy during the Cold War. During that time, goal of the US was to completely destroy their power.

Today, the US policy is set to fight terrorism, the ISIS has to be destroyed, provide Israel only with weapons and Iran should not be allowed to have the bomb.

Who is the enemy?

Some consider Russia the biggest threat to America. Other consider China as a threat. Obama plans to enact a new trade pact with its Pacific allies, in order to stop China’s further economic growth.

Even though the US has been considered as a hyper power for some time, they seem unable to take on two major adversaries at the same time.

The US seems to be taking small steps in fighting against ISIS, Russia and China. Therefore, the US has to pick if they are going to fight Russia or China.

In case the US chose Russia as main enemy, this would increase number of NATO forces in Eastern Europe and Ukraine would receive major weapons systems. Obama stated that such actions would provoke further conflicts and undermine any possibility of peace talks. However, other stated that Putin will only use this reluctance to his advantage. Senator John McCain stated he considered refusal to provide more weapons to Ukrainians as an act of shame.

Other scenario where China is the leading enemy would mean a reserved attitude toward Ukraine but an energetic reaction to Chinese military buildup in the South China Sea. The US considers Chinas actions in South China Sea as disrespect of international norms.

Depending on the elections in 2016, the center of foreign policy might become directed against Russia. It depends on the party that will win the elections. It has been stated that Putin criticizes Republicans more than any other leader.

If democrats win, China might be considered as the enemy number one. On the other hand, Republicans consider Russia as enemy number one.

However, increase in defense budget, increased number of military units across the world and other actions will be taken no matter who wins the elections.

It can be concluded that the US foreign policy after the 2016 elections is without a doubt gloomy and chaotic. Everything will be invested into military-industrial complex, while other aspects like health, education, infrastructure, and the environment will suffer.




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