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Russia is definitely pushing out the US from the Middle East

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Russia is more prepared to fight against ISIS than the US. The US is unable to survive in the Middle East due to their lack of political and psychological ability and power.

If you wonder why Russia deploys such an advanced anti-aircraft structure if ISIS has no planes, the answer is that it wants to eventually eliminate Western raids, which are often objectively inconclusive or relatively ineffective due to lack of a target acquisition network.

President Putin needs a victory in Syria mainly to slow the radicalization of the over twenty million Muslim residents and citizens of Russia.

If Russian and Central Asian Islam catch fire, Russia can no longer control – militarily or economically – its energy networks towards Europe and the Mediterranean, the central axes of its geo-economy.

Vladimir Putin wants to become the only player in the Syrian crisis because ousting the West from a NATO neighboring country that is pivotal for control over the Mediterranean, will make Russia one of only two players, or even the only real player in the Mare Nostrum, with strategic consequences that are today unimaginable.

Finally, within the UN Security Council, Russia will use a hopefully future victory against ISIS as a bargaining chip in the management of the Arctic; the forthcoming militarization of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization; the regionalization of NATO eastward and possibly a new military agreement with China, which would make the composition of the UN Security Council completely asymmetrical.



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