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Russia’s latest UUV development


The Pentagon is worried that Russia might use their latest military weapons against U.S. harbors and coastal cities.

Russia is currently manufacturing unmanned underwater vehicle, also known as UUV. UUV will be armed with megaton-class warheads. Such weapon has the ability to blow up harbors and cause enormous destruction over extensive areas.

Drone submarine is referred to by the code name “Kanyon”.

This nuclear drone submarine development comes at the times when President Obama has decided to reduce the role of nuclear arms in U.S. defenses.

This latest Russian military development is considered an aggressive strategic nuclear force modernization. However, such development will take years before it reaches the testing stage.

According to naval analyst and author Norman Polmar, a Soviet-era nuclear torpedo could be used as a model for Kanyon.

It was even stated that the size of its nuclear warhead is not clear.

The Pentagon and the US Navy are worried about this. Any Russian activity is closely monitored by the Pentagon.

Quite recently, Russian military research ship Yantar was closely monitored by the US. It is believed that Yantar was conducting underwater reconnaissance and collecting intelligence that might be used for UUV.

The US Navy is also manufacturing a range of UUVs and a weapon-carrying drone. Even though many megaton bombs were dismantled, the last one of these will be suspended after the US deploys an upgraded B61 bomb.

Russia has in its possession the 150-megaton bomb called the Tsar Bomba.

 China is also known for its megaton warheads. China’s DF-5A missiles are equipped with 5-megaton warheads.

According to a former CIA analyst Jack Caravelli, Russia plans to use Kanyon against military capabilities of the U.S. and Western interests. He also believes that Russia’s main priority is military preparedness against the West.

Director of the Russian Central Research Institute Lev Klyachko confirmed that a number of new developments of remotely-operated, unmanned sea-based underwater vehicles are underway.

If Russia respects the limits of the New START arms treaty, according to Robert Kehler, there is not much to worry about.

Under the provisions of the New START arms treaty, the United States and Russia are limited to 700 strategic missiles and bombers and a total of 1,550 deployed strategic warheads.

Even though Russia signed New START arms treaty, Putin stated that Russia is prepared to deploy nuclear forces in response to Western opposition to the military annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea.

In addition to the development of UUV, Russia is developing a new class of ballistic missile submarine, three more new ICBMs, an air-launched nuclear-tipped cruise missile, a new rail-mobile missile and a new strategic bomber.

All these weapons are capable of causing catastrophic damage.

According to Navy Secretary Ray Maybus, the use of unmanned technology has immense potential. It was disclosed that UUVs will be included in future submarine force.


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