Monday , March 27 2017
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Russia has secured its way to the top


Russia’s activity in Syria is perceived as a way of giving Russia its old status of a world power.

Prices of oil have risen, which is an advantage for Russia. In addition to this, Russian geopolitical moves have enabled Russia to strengthen its status in the Middle East. This new status gave Russia new routes which will be used for the transport of raw materials.

Even though US wanted to prevent Russia from reaching such status, the inevitable had happened. Russia’s decisive moves to deal with crisis in Syria led to this development.

Russian economy depends a lot on mineral resources. Thus, the new oil prices and sanctions imposed by the US put a lot of pressure on Russia.

Russia’s partnership with Iraq, Iran and China enabled Russia to steadily rise as a global power. These partnerships are mutually beneficial.

In order to be able to control the prices of oil, Russia has to divide the OPES and isolate Saudi Arabia.


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