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Russia has secret nuclear weapons – VIDEO


Russia has invested a lot in developing high-class nuclear submarine drone. The document which revealed the existence of this weapon was presented on Russian television channel.

Pentagon also discovered that Russia made this weapon and named it Kanyon. Its official Russian name is the Status-6 system. According to Kremlin spokesman, the existence of this weapon was revealed to the public accidentally. Dmitri Peskov also stated that the document in question was destroyed. If similar disclosures about Russian military weapon development are made in the future, legal actions will be taken against those responsible for unauthorized disclosure.

This disclosed confidential document revealed that the submarine is being developed by TsKB MT Rubin design bureau.

The purpose of this drone submarine will be to cause damage to the economy and area of an adversary. The damage caused by radioactive contamination would prevent further military, economic, or other activity on a contaminated area for a long period of time.

This weapon can be used on Project 09852 or Project 09851 boats. Both are submarines which can carry nuclear weapons. These submarines will be able to carry three, four or six drones. It was also revealed that the range will be 6,200 miles.

A prototype should be built by 2019, while the testing is expected to take place from 2019 to 2020.

The US even revealed a few months ago that this submarine will be equipped with a megaton-class warhead.

US Navy is worried by this unmanned submarine because it will have the ability to strike coastal cities from a long distance.

Mark Schneider revealed that the Kanyon drone submarine will be quite fast and able to cruise at higher depths than any other manned submarine in the world.

Pavel Podvig said that the disclosure of this document could even be intentional as well as accidental. As the news organization removed the video, it can be concluded that the disclosure was accidental.

However, Podvig added that this weapon could be equipped with a radiological weapon, which is also known as a dirty bomb.

When it comes to official statements, Putin revealed that Russia is only developing weapons which can be used to breach missile shields. Russia believes that the only purpose of U.S. missile defenses in Europe is to counter Russian strategic missiles.

According to reports from the media, Russia plans to develop anti-ballistic missile defense systems and strike systems with the purpose to defeat any missile defense system.

Even though the US claims that their missile defenses are pointed at North Korea and Iran, Putin is not convinced with this story. He firmly believes that their aim is to work against the strategic nuclear potential of other nuclear countries.


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