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Putin’s own “JFK” moment, whether to start the World War 3 or not


Turkey made a decision which would certainly take the crisis in Syria into a whole new direction. The further military escalation is on the verge of happening.

After warning Russia that there will be consequences, Turkey decided to shoot down Russian SU-24.

This means that a member of NATO attacked Russia. The consequences of that move could be even more serious.

In the past when the world was on the verge of a world war, Kennedy and his advisors managed to settle the situation through negotiations with Khrushchev even though many people were proposing an all-out military confrontation. The previous possibility of a world war happened during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 when an American U-2 was shot down over Cuba.

Putin is also in the same position as Kennedy was in the past. There are two possible responses to the act of a NATO member. Putin can retaliate against the base from which the attackers came or put sanctions on Turkey. Either way, there will be consequences.

There is also a third option. The likelihood of such decision is unknown, but Putin can also choose not to take any action.

By taking the diplomatic offensive, Russia will manage to humiliate Turkey and discredit strategy of West to use Turkey against Russia and provide support to the Islamic state.

Only a strong leader can sustain from responding in the same manner when provoked.

This was observed in the past when Putin decided not to invade Ukraine and seize Kiev or when he refused to annex Georgia and other.

The patience of Russian president Vladimir Putin is the key to the peace of Europe and the world.

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