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PUTIN’S LAST WARNING TO TURKEY: If you do not leave Syria alone, I’ll bring back Christianity to Istanbul


Putin has expressed his views on Turkeys support to al-Qaeda’s Syria branch and issued a stark warning.

President Vladimir Putin addressed a delegation of Ukrainian Orthodox Church and reiterated that nothing can shake Russia’s perpetual blood alliance with Ukraine in spite of all malicious efforts exerted by the ruling junta in Kiev

“Rising neo-Fascism in Ukraine is like the infectious Gangrene which can spread across the European continent , and we, the people of the Russian Federation and descendents of the Soviet Union , we are determined to stop this plague” said Putin.

Should Turkey not stop supporting al-Qaeda’s Syria branch, I am indeed eager to end the job the late Tsar Nicholas II left unfinished. <During the World War I , He [Tsar] sought to restore Constantinople (Istanbul) to Christendom and protect Russian maritime security by liberating Dardanelles and Bosphorus straits but fate prevented him,” TASS Russian News Agency cited President Putin as saying on Saturday.

We also advocate Greek sovereignty over the Cyprus, added Putin, and call the Turkish regime to end its decades-long occupation of this Mediterranean island.

Referring to five-year-old Syrian crisis, Mr. Putin launched a scathing attack on Turkish president’s dreadful dreams of breathing life into dead Ottoman Empire by supporting al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria and Iraq, saying prospects for a lasting cease-fire in Syria remains doubtful due to Ankara’s war-like agenda and its vicious alliance with Saudi Arabia.


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  • Dr. Ronald Cutburth

    Hurrah. Tsar Putin has spoken and will finish the job in Turkey. Their not stop violent ways demonstrate that their violent Sunni muslim sect is dangerous to the world.

  • Rod

    A large percentage of Australians are right behind Putin in this. We have had a gut full of leftist politicians pandering to the demands of Islam to the detriment of their own people. Nations, cultures and civil rights have been destroyed at the hands of these economic migrants. Let Putin finish this bloody war and send these people back to where they belong.

  • Blahaminister Alice Blaha

    i’m Alice Bah Kuhnke, a swedish minister…

  • OmerAytac

    been months since the russian jet was shot down by turkey.. putin’s retaliation was a poultry ban.. if he really said what you claim, well, he’s playing to the audience.. he may also be trying to divert attention from the baltics.. but whatever, the polish pm was in turkey last week and all he talked about was what a d*ckhead putin is..

  • Stand

    Nope, it’s NOT ‘a large percentage of Australians’ it’s YOU and your bloodthirsty, racist mates.

  • Rod

    Islam is not a race you moron, and if any group of people are blood thirsty it’s you lot. For example lets go back to 1971 when Islam tried again to take over India and wipe out the Hindu’s. Islam was responsible for 2.4 million Hindu deaths and 200,000 Hindu women raped. Face the truth, Islam is not a religion of peace, it’s a political theory of conquest that seeks domination by any means it can..

  • Stand

    Do you REALLY want to compare Islam & Christianity?

    And yes- you are racist. Just by your comments, I can see that you ALSO ascribe to racism.

    “Nations, cultures and civil rights have been destroyed at the hands of these economic migrants.”

    Pretty rich, coming from a descendant of migrants and/or refugees.

  • Rod

    Anyone who opposes jihad, the poor treatment of women and children and the oppresive ideology you sunscribe to is a racist. Well if that’s the case I wear the tag proudly. But I should point out that there has never been a more racist lot in history than Islam.

  • Stand
  • Rod

    Another example of an oppressive sick religious ideology doesn’t change the facts. Anyone who stands against your totalitarian ideology you try to shut them up by calling them racist or an Islamophobe. The truth is the west would be a far better, safer place if Islam wasn’t in it. The more of you lot the more likely we have terrorist attacks and gang rapes. One only has to look at the Qur’an and 60% is all about killing Christians and Jews. The verse talking about protecting the innocent is only referring to non combatant Muslims. The book is a battle plan on how to move in and take over nations. Well you’ll find Australians won’t sit by and let that happen.

  • Stand

    Well, I don’t see the Aussies doing a lot about the other issues. Why is it that such atrocities only count in other countries?
    The refugees are fleeing the atrocities, but you are such —— that anyone who is even slightly different offends you.

    Well, 20,000 refugees have been given asylum in Australia., so —-.

  • Rod

    First of all the reason why atrocities happen in other countries is because that’s where Islam is. OK. Secondly these people in the main heading for Europe are not genuine refugees they are ecconomic migrants, mostly young men. And if they had any guts they’d stay and fight for their country instead of trying to leech of nations who have developed a far better ecconomy and social structure. Yes and these 20,000 if they were Christians or Atheists they’d be welcome, but Islam isn’t.

  • Stand

    spoken like a true fascist. You think atrocites dont happen in Australia? What do you think the link above was? But of vcourse, that ‘doesn’t count’.

    You are bleating the false propaganda of the right. There are more women and children than men.

    You are also confusing islam with your fascist day dram, in YOUR world there exist two kinds of people ‘us’ and ‘them’.

    ell, it’s NOT up to you who is welcome, 20,000 are on their way.

    YOU are welcome to leave.

  • Rod

    I fought for this country, I was born in this country and no Islamic peice of crap is going to take it from the Australian people. I don’t think I’m day dreaming at all, I’m very aware of Islams world war, and I know every devout Muslim is a threat to our democracy. Because every true Muslim must foloow the teachings of the Qur’an, and those teachings say to do what ever it takes to move in and take over countries until the entire world is under Islamic rule. For one the Australian constitution forbids Shariah Law, so any authorty that gives the green light is going against the law of the land, and I for one will do my level best to ensure we stay a free society and will hold government accountable.

  • Stand

    Here, have some hand lotion while you wank off.

  • Stand

    Have some hand lotion to help your fantasy

  • david

    Putin’s retaliation to Turkey was to chase it out of Syria…it is too scared to fly there anymore…because it knows they will have their planes shot down. but they are only following orders the Urks from Waashington.

  • powys

    I think that Putin is correct; however, this is not 1914; furthermore, there is the NATO alliance and about 24,000 nuclear weapons to consider. Re-acquiring Constantinople and the Bosphorus is not worth a nuclear war.

  • js

    Rod. I believe you have provided probably the most brilliant explanation of Islam and it’s goals. I have read many posts on this issue and the way you explained it here is the best I’ve ever read. I wish everyone could read your post. Everything you said and wrote about Muslims and Islam is dead on. I believe there are far more people who can see what’s happening in ALL our countries than those who seem oblivious to it. It’s a sudden push from a single source that is wreaking havoc on our societies. The fact it’s happening everywhere at the same time, using the same methodology and causing all “governing bodies” to move away from their own citizenry to support a foreign ideology is proof enough that this is no accident. ALL of us have the same problem. We need to make sure we become our problem’s problem.

  • Rod

    The leftist’s, including most politicians and the media, either have no grasp on what Islam is all about or they are fools. Islam is an invading force that plans to do every bit as much damage to you your country, your culture, your religious values and your future and the future of your family as if it was an invading nation sending missiles and bombs with tanks and battalions of armed men., raping, pillaging and killing as they go. Every devout Muslim when called upon by their religious leaders will do as they are commanded to assist their take over of your nation. Remember the loss of free speech is the first step to the loss of your freedom. Fight for your right to speak up about this toxic ideology and fight them tooth and nail if need be, because we are at war. Islam knows it, and it about time the rest of us knew it.

  • Rod

    If Russia invades Turkey I’m sure Putin believes nukes won’t be used. Turkey would just have to send one and I’m sure Russia has the technology to knock it out of the sky, at the same time sending one back to wipe Istambul off the map. Putin’s no fool and he knows very well his capabilities and theirs. No other NATO country would stick it’s neck out for Turkey. There might be some sabre rattling and name calling, but that’s where it would end.
    At the end of the day Russia is not going to invade Turkey. These are threats and I think that’s all they are.

  • ukbeast

    Over here in the UK if you criticise Islam, that make you a racist.
    Also the flag for England (St.George) is comparable to the confederate flag says Tristram Hunt (Labour MP)

  • powys

    Turkey neither possesses nuclear weapons nor ballistic missiles. The problem for Putin is that Turkey is a member of NATO and NATO has a formidable number of such weapons. Would they be used if Russia attacked Turkey? Hard to say, but it is possible.

  • Mick Budinger

    I believe we need Putin,because our own ruling class is selling us down the swannee.

  • Chris Palmer

    Turkey will never be allowed into the EU while it support’s terrorists
    like DAESH! Go for it Putin, give the Turk’s a hard time. God bless
    Mother Russia.

  • gaurav

    We Hindus support Putin, as India gears up and becomes stronger by the day, the Islamist forces with be summarily defeated

  • “Putin” sends chechens to dress as ISIS mercenaries, same as Erdogan, supplying ISIS and being supplied with ISIS oil over the common border.
    But Erdogan does leave a part of Syria alone: where Turkey borders areas controlled by the Syrian rebels, with now 200,000 refugees cornered between ISIS and the closed turkish border at the Azaz. pocket,

  • Hoaxes by the illuminati: From Srebrenica, a real battle and a fake massacre, to Palmyra, 20 years later a fake battle and a real genocide
    Palmyra fake capture by ISIS and coming “liberation” – Agendas

    “Putin”, Zakharchenko, Plotnitsky are not only traitors but also assassins: from commanders Mozgovoi and Bednov to mayor Ishchenko and militias

  • Tripin S

    YES!!!!! Please let this be real.

  • Fargunicehole

    A leader looking out for his own country and tell the rest to piss off? I hope we get one of those soon.

  • W Scott

    TRUMP TRAIIIIN, we all know obama would join nato against russia if they went to war with it.

  • Kevin J. Smith

    Rod, I see we are kindred spirits who have done significant studying of our mutual enemy. I’m in the US and we are being poisoned from the inside by a Muslim Communist President who is committing his own Jihad by lying to the American people on the outside, meanwhile he is quietly and radically undermining every branch and division of our federal government, destroying our 1st and 2nd amendment rights to freedom of speech and to own guns, systematically brainwashing our youth through government education which teaches Karl Marx more than any other economist, decimating our military, using our children as social experiments mandating under threat of blackmail and arrest that boys and girls must be allowed to use each other’s restrooms, lockers and showers in ALL schools regardless of age, is importing 100,000 Muslim refugees without any effective screening at all and forcing cities of his choice to receive them and take care of their every need with no protection for the citizens, he has threatened our largest cities and not allow them to deport illegal immigrant CRIMINALS…but to actually require them to release thousands of them from jail and let them run free after entering the US illegally and then committing crimes on US soil, and he executed increased racial tension and hatred of law enforcement to the point we have officers being executed every week. And no one is allowed to say a word against any of the above or the US Attorney General will arrest them and prosecute them for hate crimes which has already begun just because of Facebook posts. Guard you freedom and country against Islam at all costs…. ESPECIALLY against Muslim leaders! The damage it has caused us is possibly irreversible and at best has eroded our moral standards, our freedoms, our laws, our economy, and most of all our security both nationally and individually!

  • Rod

    Someone told me that all this effort by Trump was just a bluff set up to get Hillary elected. Personally I don’t believe that is the case, but the people in power have been so corrupt there in the US that nothing these days surprises me. Many have speculated that if Trump actually won the election the elite would have him shot the first chance they got. If Trump has the election stolen from him, like they did with Gore, I think all Americans should march in mass on the white house and take over the government. I’m sure there would be a very enthusiastic military that would support such a move.

  • FinFanKohl

    Muslim communist President? Good job Kevin at proving how totally Ignorant you really are. Im not a fan of him at all but when you talk like that you show your ignorance to everyone,and make anyone who opposes Obama look like a nut bag just like you do now

  • Korkodylas

    Is “Barrack Hussein” a Hindu or Hebrew name? ;^)

  • Zycklon Ben

    As Shia LaBeouf said: DO IT! JUST DO IT!

  • Korkodylas

    Oh come on. You don’t need child killing Chechens to make you look bad. In your 1000 years of historical presence (not saying “history” because that would imply literacy on your behalf) you earned your notoriety fair and square, Mehmet. From Germany to Arabia and from Greece to China everyone knows turks are the lowest and most despised scum humanity has ever encountered.

  • Michael Davis

    I’d join the army for this. From France.

    Islam out of Europe. Back to the desert.

  • Michael Davis

    Go for it guys. When the time comes, th whole world will be untied against Islam. We will push them all out with one big simultaneous heave.

  • Joseph Bouchard

    You are a fool.

    To say that “every true Muslim must follow the teachings of the Qur’an, and those teachings say to do what ever it takes to move in and take over countries until the entire world is under Islamic rule” is nothing but fallacy.
    That’s not different than saying “Every devout Christian must murder homosexuals, and stone any woman partaking in pre-marital sex”.

    Not every Islamist subscribes to the every word and whim of the Quran; Just as not ever Christian believes in every bible passage.

    There is absolutely nothing about your government allowing Muslims to practice their faith that is a threat to your freedom. Until they – and I mean *THEY*, as in all of them instead of a select few religious zealots – do something that is legitimately anti-establishment in your country, or in mine, your words are nothing but white noise.

  • rhzszm

    A true, generous humanitarian bringing the savages out of the stone age.

  • Rod

    So not all Muslims follow the Qur’an religiously, like not all Christians follow the bible to the letter. In the case of the Christians there had been a major reformation that did away with stoning and cutting heads off, but in the case of Islam this has not happened as yet. It is very unlikely that a reformation of Islam is at all on the cards in fact the teachings of Islam pretty much forbid it.

    Now back to my statement about every devout Muslim being a threat to Australia. When the Nazi party came to power in Germany, only about 3% of the people actually supported them while the majority did not stand up against them. Their efforts resulted in more than 60 million deaths. When Stalin rose to power he only had a very small percent of people who supported him but the majority did not stand against him. The result was 80 million deaths. Every crazy ideology that rises to power does so, not by the majority of people supporting them, but by the majority doing nothing to oppose them. Islam is no exception to this.

    Muslim refugees are a threat to our freedoms, a threat to our culture, a threat to our civil rights, a major increase cost to our welfare system, a threat to general safety, a threat to our jobs, and a threat to establish religions.

    Why? It’s very simple. The way Islam operates is to first migrate to a town, city or country and establish a mosque. While this is happening Islam gives everyone the image that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. When Islam has the numbers, they start demanding that Islam be given special privileges, like prayer rooms at airports, universities etc. When the numbers grow sufficient to have some control of an area they start to carve out an area of that country which is Muslim controlled. They then stop alcohol and pork products being sold, they control local swimming pools as to when men and women can attend and what people must wear in public.

    All this while they come here with up to 4 wives and a dozen or more kids all receiving welfare that Australians have worked and paid for.

    During all of this there is a effort to move Muslims into politics and every branch of the forces.

    Islam plans to introduce Shariah law into Australia which is in direct violation of the Australian constitution. Any state, council or branch of the Federal government that tries to introduce this is doing so totally against the laws of the land and totally against the wishes of the Australian people.

    Islam has worked out a way to tax our food by this halal certification which is little more than a mafia style protection racket. Then there is Shariah finance which is working its way to have a major control of financial institutions. There is Shariah property buying strategic farming & industrial land.

    This is all about a very slow chock hold on each country they decide to take over for their end game which is a world wide Muslim Caliphate.

    So I agree there are some lovely people who are Muslims but as far as I’m concerned Islam is a cancer and we need to treat it as such.

  • Rod

    Get stuffed

  • Rod

    You might be interested in a reply I just posted.

  • Rod

    So this is a put down to try and demonstrate how intellectually superior you are, but all you’ve done is to show how ill informed you are.

  • Stand

    how about you get stuffed you rabid dog?

  • Rod

    It has been well documented that Islam’s encouragement to marry first cousins has irreversibly destroyed the Muslim gene pool. The Muslim average IQ now is getting close to 70. Anything below 70 is said to be that of a retard. So you don’t have to get stuffed, you have already stuffed your whole lot over forever, and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving lot.

  • FinFanKohl

    Check your biased sources again.

  • 42 degrees south

    Who do you think supplied anti aircraft weapons to the PKK that led to the shooting down of two Turkish military helicopters over the last month? Putin can cause harm without having his fingerprints over it similar to what the US/globalists do supplying their proxy armies with US weaponry. Of course this has the potential to become a regional if not a global conflict, especially as the US is becoming increasingly provocative along the border with Russia.

  • Stand

    First off, the British have been marrying first cousins since time immemorial. It is legal in your beloved Australia.

    Second- actually it does not result in lower IQ’s do your research, instead of spreading rumours. Of course, you may not actually know how to do this.

    3rd I am not muslim,. I am Orthodox.

  • Stand is by no means “Orthodox” unless he’s referring to being a follower of the Ecumenical Patriarch, the Heresiarch Bartholomew who is by no means a Christian or True Orthodox Christian. He is, for all intents and purposes a Muslim. This is why this person, Stand, defends inhuman Islam, he brainwashed and chasing fairy tales. Contrary to the popular lie, the EP is not the head of the Orthodox Church. The EP must be a Turkish citizen and be approved by the Turks in order to be allowed to assume the title of EP, that fact speaks volume. The New World Order has him in it’s pocket, same goes for the Pope. I call upon all True Traditionally minded Orthodox believers to repent and leave the “official” World “Orthodox” cult.

  • Werner Juretzko

    …………….at least, so it seems, Mr. Pution is identifying the real “String pullers” causing the Never ending Problems in Syria. The world awaits some kind of a clean up action.

  • Abraham

    Unfortunately Gaurav, the hindus in India are doing nothing in this regard. I will give you an example. Kerala is the only state in India which has equal number of people from all the three Major religions in India, Christians, Hindus and Muslims. I personal know of two towns in Kerala, with roughly 30,000 in population, which was a completely Christian dominated in the 90’s. Now you will not find too many Christians or Hindus in this town. Its completely dominated by Muslims. That’s their stratergy like Rod said. They come, establish a mosque, pop out as many kids as possible and sooner than you know, everyone around you is a Muslim.

  • Marie Halligan

    Because of Francis’s continual defence of Islam, though I am a Catholic,sadly I have to agree with you about him.I fear the prophesy of the Last Pope may have come to pass. The way the CC is now trying to cod us laity that Islam is a peaceful religion is deeply disturbing because it is so easy for us to research for ourselves and discern that it is not. The Heirarchy are not stupid, gullible naive fools- they must know that Islam is a violent ideaology that seeks to dominate the whole world and bring us all to submission but they persist in telling us it is a peaceful ” religion” and that it worships the same God as us; how they can say this, despite Islam denying Christ’s Divinity, His Crucifixion and therefore Ressurrection, the very existence of God the Holy Spirit ( whom Jesus told us that sins against will NOT be forgiven!) and all the violence and sexual depravity committed in the very name of Allah,just beggars belief. Us Christians are really up against it now as some of our leaders are teaching false doctrines. We need to pray,pray ,pray. God bless you.

  • dghealy

    you ignore his history and associations.

  • Conspiracy69

    Really FinFan…. So let’s talk facts. He changed his name to a Muslim name. He attended a Muslim school during his most influential years as a child. He wear’s a wedding ring (beginning before he was married to Michelle) that is engraved with “No God but Allah”. He has met with several individuals from the Muslim Brotherhood inside the White House on various occasions but refused to let the press be present. In fact, he promoted numerous MB connected individuals into leadership roles over various departments of the Federal Government, including the head of the Dept of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, who has direct ties to the MB. And yes, this is the same Jeh Johnson that ordered a veteran intelligence analyst to close his investigation into the San Bernadino killer, his wife and his mosque BEFORE they murdered US citizens last year. And then placed this analyst under investigation and ultimately forced him into retirement for targeting Muslims. Its not even worth my time to go on on this one because the facts are overwhelming if you open your eyes and actually do some research instead of being a blind sheeple.

    How about communism? He was mentored by a re-known Communist, Bill Ayers who helped him write a book and Obama launched his political career in Ayers living room. Yes this is the same Bill Ayers that bombed the world trade center sub basement trying to bring them down in the 1990’s. His inside right hand person both in Chicago and in the White House is Valerie Jarret. Valerie’s family is openly communist and has been involved in the communist party in America for decades. Obama himself has quoted Karl Marx on numerous occasions in his speeches over the years. They are recorded and documented on YouTube. Again, you obviously haven’t done any work at all to get any facts and just pull the same liberal tactic of anyone that speaks anything you disagree with….insult them, demean them, call them names, etc. So you are not worth my time to even continue with the crazy mountain of evidence and self proclamations from Obama himself about his communist/socialist beliefs. Do a little research before you open your mouth. It saves you a lot of embarrassment.

    So it seems you are the ignorant and uneducated one my friend…

  • Korkodylas

    I bet Shia Iran says the same thing.

  • Perry Haralambidis

    another obama blowing faggot runalong half wit

  • Perry Haralambidis

    sucking his dick much there fella u likeing barrys muslim jizz

  • Perry Haralambidis

    i hope inda some day demolishes pakistan n the tow sides unite

  • Perry Haralambidis

    rumor hasit if hillary steal it we will see a coup d at

  • Perry Haralambidis

    rod what boggles my mind is how democrats say how bad russia is as a country n so dangerous yet bc it dosent suit them they wont say how russia helped us get our indipendance by turning on the brits n supporting the fench help us during that war

  • Perry Haralambidis

    nope ur wrong already nato has told turkey if u start a war with russia count us out no help from us

  • Perry Haralambidis

    nato already told turkey we wont help u if u go to war with putin

  • LostMind

    maybe u should return the land to the aboriginals who u killed in numbers whether in americas or down under. that will solve the problem. they are the rightful owner of the lands not u.

  • LostMind

    if muslims had converted forcefully u wouldnt have seen a single hindu in India. They allowed that in Spain and India. And see what happed by the christian zealots in Spain, they in sheer hatred burnt all books and banned muslims and jews from practicing religion which followed with forceful conversions. Also Babri mosque was plundered and razed to the ground. and what happened in Gujrat and during partition. There are many stories.

  • RonW

    People who use the pronoun ‘u’ lose all credibility instantly. Also, ‘we’ killed no aboriginies. lol. Those who _were_ killed died generations ago, in a time of expansionism and colonisation. Tough luck. An unwillingness, or inability to develop competing technologies led to their downfall.

    And Leftist goons advocate that even more alien invaders, ones who require conversion to their religion, protection money, or death (i.e. muslims), should be allowed in to ‘aboriginal’ lands. LOL.

    Also I suppose that you’d say that the European aboriginies – i.e. Ethnic Sweded, Germans, French, Hungarians – should not be replaced by the horde of third-world invaders?

    Just to be consistent?

  • Rod

    There are records that put the death toll for the first Islamic invasion of India to be 400 million Hindu’s in the 800 years they were there. Countless women raped and sent off as sex slaves. The great Indian libraries were burnt to the ground and all the knowledge for the thousands of years prior, lost thanks to Islam. Islam never added to knowledge, and we would be so much more informed about the past if not for Islam. Let’s face facts, with Islams practice of marrying 1st cousins has greatly weakened the Muslim gene pool and intelligence on average is around the IQ of 70. People below the IQ of 70 are regarded as retards. Has Islam contributed to Science,,,NO! Or Medicine…NO! Or Engineering …NO! Aviation…NO! The world would be a much safer and happier place if Islam never existed.

  • koopinator

    Russia just aligned itself with turkey; This is fake news.

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