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Putin will engage against ISIS – with US or without

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Russia will engage in strikes against ISIS with or without the US. If the US accepts Russia’s invitation to join forces and crush ISIS, it will mean that the US will fight for the regime it initially wanted to destroy.

The US wants to remove Assad from his position. As Russia is backing Assad’s regime, that is going to be difficult to achieve.

The US is presented with two options – to either help Assad or admit that the only goal is to fight Russia instead of ISIS.

According to latest reports, Russia is ready to engage in unilateral strikes against ISIS targets if the US is reluctant to join forces.

Putin wants Russia, Iran, Syria and the US to join forces and eliminate ISIS terrorist group. Obama’s administration has not accepted this proposal yet.

The aim of this proposal is to coordinate forces into a joint military action to support Assad and fight ISIS.

Putin will address this issue during his visit to New York for the United Nations General Assembly on September 28. Putin might discuss this issue with Obama during this visit. However, if the agreement does not happen, Putin will take action no matter what.

If the agreement between Russia and the US does not happen, it will indicate that the US never wanted to destroy ISIS and that the aim of US was to crush Assad’s regime with the help of ISIS.


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