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Putin To Send 150,000 Troops To Syria To Wipe Out ISIS

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Vladimir Putin has strongly decided to wipe out the Islamic state once and for all. His plan includes sending 150,000 troops to conquer Raqqa.

This will definitely cause immense damage to the Islamic State terrorists. However, they could use surrounding towns to hide. Residents of these towns are in danger because terrorists could use them to protect themselves.

Russia is ready to send 150,000 reservists and finish this fight with the Islamic state terrorists. Raqqa is particularly important because of the oil and gas resources located in the area.

In order to obtain access to the oil fields, rebels must be removed from the IS capital.

Russian jets are already involved in a successful fight against ISIS. Only in the last 24 hours Russian jets managed to destroy nine ISIS outposts.

Russian army is about to increase the intensity of attacks on ISIS terrorists. Russians used a BETAB-500 air bomb to destroy the command post of one of the terror groups near Raqqa. Russian bombers also destroyed underground storage facility for explosives and munitions, command posts, stores of weapons and oil products and weapons workshops.

Dr Afzal Ashraf revealed that ISIS will cease to exist soon. The only thing that is keeping ISIS from falling apart is the indecision of international community to join forces and destroy the terrorist organization.

However, Dr Afzal Ashraf added that terrorists could use civilians as human shields.

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