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Paul Craig Roberts on Washington’s hegemony


Paul Craig Roberts’ gave a speech at the Conference on the European/Russian Crisis in Dephi, Greece, June 20-21, 2015.

The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 was a turning point for Washington. The collapse resulted in the climb of neoconservatives to power and impact in the US government.

The American nation is considered to be exceptional and indispensable, thus their power allows them to be ignorant of domestic and international laws or the interests of other countries.

The Wolfowitz Doctrine is the foundation of US foreign and military policy and it was composed by a principal neoconservative Paul Wolfowitz.

According to the ideas and beliefs of this doctrine, their objective is to stop the rise of new adversary. This adversary may be from the former Soviet Union territory or from another place.  They could be considered as a threat to regional defense strategy. If that is the case, they will attempt to avoid any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would be enough to create global power.

It should be observed that number one objective of Washington is world supremacy.

According to Roberts, interpretation of Wolfowitz’s words means that what was considered as a threat by the Soviet Union was their capacity to block one-sided US action in some parts of the world. The Soviet Union presented a constraint on US one-sided action, and any constraint on Washington is regarded as a threat.

Countries which declare an independent foreign policy are considered as hostile power. Those countries belong to the BRICS association and individual countries like Iran, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Argentina, Cuba, and North Korea.

Vladimir Putin made a remark stating that Washington is not interested in partnership, but in having servants.

The first objective of Wolfowitz doctrine allows Washington to abolish governments that do not comply with Washington’s will.

They expected Vladimir Putin to obey their rules, like Boris Yeltsin had. Putin said at the 43rd Munich Conference on Security Policy that unipolar distribution of power was unacceptable and impossible in this day and age. He also stated that the United States overstepped the basic principles of international law and imposed their political, cultural and educational policies on other nations. He concluded that nobody favors that.

While the US government was conducting their actions in the Middle East, Russia became independent from Washington’s control, thus it now presents a challenge to Washington’s uni-power.

This led the US to change its focus from the Middle East to Russia. Washington was determined to take hold of Ukraine in order to impose a security problem on Russia and justify sanctions against Russia. All this was conducted in order to diminish Russia’s increasing economic and political relations with Europe because they could destabilize the status of the US in Europe.

Even though sanctions were not in line with Europe’s interests, European governments adjusted to Washington’s plan. The reason why the foreign governments do not act in their own interest but in the interest of the US is because politicians are bribed to answer to Washington demands.

In a book Bought Journalists written by a German journalist Udo Ulfkotte, the author reported that every important European journalist works as a CIA asset.

Europe is being driven into conflict with Russia by US hegemony, even though the alleged “crisis” is just a propaganda fabricated by Washington.

The media is not objective. Throughout the world it functions as a Propaganda Ministry for Washington. Gerald Celente coined a term for such media outlets as “presstitutes,” a combination of press prostitutes.

The US media portrays Russia and Putin as the archenemy. The media calls Putin the New Hitler. Stephen Cohen, a US Russian expert stated that anyone who doesn’t share this US fabricated image of Putin is branded a “Putin apologist”. All those who tell the actual truth are also demonized as Putin and Russia. The truth is forbidden in all of the political capitals of Washington’s empire. The majority of the American population strongly believes in anti-Russian propaganda. The public is naive enough to let Washington create footing for a new Cold War or for a preventive nuclear attack on Russia. According to opinion of some neoconservatives, nuclear weapons exist to be used.

Another power that has to be constrained by the Wolfowitz Doctrine is China. Creation of naval and air bases is to impose Washington’s hegemony in the South China Sea.

The conclusion is that Washington decisions and actions are not negotiable. European governments comply with the unspoken declaration of war against Russia and China.

War can be avoided in case Russia and China succumb to Washington’s leadership. Washington thinks that it can influence secularized and westernized elements in Russia to oppose Putin. The US goal is to use sanctions to cause enough disturbance of economic life within Russia in order to succeed in initiating protests on the streets of Russia. The same goal is applied on China, where the US organized the Hong Kong “student” riots and now supports the independence of the Muslim population in the Chinese province that borders Kazakhstan.

The main issue is that US government is driven by an ideology. The agenda of this ideology is unrestricted by law, morality, compassion or common sense. This agenda is driven by evil.

Neoconservatives are on many major positons in Obama’s government. Assistant Secretary of State for the Ukrainian part of the world is neoconservative Victoria Nuland who ordered the Ukrainian coup. Her spouse is one of most extreme neoconservatives, Robert Kagan. National Security advisor is neoconservative, Susan Rice. Ambassador to the UN is neoconservative, Samantha Power.

The agenda of neoconservatives obliges to the powerful military and security complex whose annual budget of one trillion dollar depends on war. The agenda obliges to the interest of Wall Street and the mega-banks. American financial imperialism expands with its power and influence. Washington’s hegemony enables the US corporations to ransack the rest of the world.

The US left-wing became powerless and believes in anything that foundational government provides. Even improbable accounts of 9/11 and inconsistencies in the government fabricated story did not have an impact on them. The 9/11 tale endures as it serves the interests of both left and right. The humiliation of a Superpower being so effortlessly attacked and disgraced by a handful of Arabs acting independently of any intelligence agency would have created an uproar demanding responsibility. Moreover, the White House struggled against any investigation for a year. Pressured by the families of 9/11 victims, White House created a political commission consisting of politicians managed by the White House. The so-called investigation involved writing down the account of events given by the government.

It doesn’t’ seem that the left-wing is any more effective in Europe. The Greece will serve as an example. They are being bullied by the EU, the IMF, the German and Dutch banks and the New York hedge funds. Even though Greece had candidates who promised to reject this, the Greek voters gave the candidates a simple 36% of the vote, which was enough to form a government, but not enough to have any clout with creditors.

The Greeks continue to be a part of the EU even though they can be economically dispossessed. They can never be independent since the Greeks have given up their sovereignty and independence, and are without any money.

The commitment to EU means commitment to vassalage. And if a country is committed to EU it is also committed to Washington. Thus, independence in Europe becomes a myth.

And this means that they can be driven to war by Washington. The example of Le Pen’s France is the only way for a country to be independence from the EU. The majority of French wants to preserve their own laws and customs. Le Pen is the only European politician who stated that the Americans are leading them to war. Unfortunately, Le Pen’s party won’t be given enough votes to form the independent government of France.

Only China and Russia refuse to accept neoconservatives reign. This means that the West is powerless to stop Armageddon. The only way to stop it is for Russia and China to accept vassal status. But this course of events is highly unlikely.

The Russians government’s strategy is based on the hope that European vassals will rebel against Washington because of the amount of pressure imposed on them and that European countries will be forced into an independent foreign policy.

Intellectuals could be the ones to turn such hopes into reality. If European politicians represented European interests, instead of Washington’s, Washington would lose the justification for its war crimes. The independent European foreign policy would constrain Washington’s hostility. In order for the world to become a safer place, the neoconservative unipower model has to be abolished.

Paul Craig Roberts



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