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Paris attack was just a test, expert revealed


Ever since the terrible attacks happened in Paris on November 13, experts have been coming forward with numerous theories.

According to a former FBI counterterrorism expert, these attacks were just a practice for ISIS terrorists. Eric O’Neill believes that ISIS wanted to determine their ability to engage in randomized attacks in a major Western city.

During this test of ISIS capabilities, 129 innocent people were killed while 352 innocent people were wounded.

On top of all that, O’Neill revealed that possible targets for ISIS attacks could be Washington, D.C. or New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

During his career, Eric O’Neill successfully gained the trust of the most notorious spy in the United States history and helped the authorities capture him. He worked alongside Robert Phillip Hanssen, gained his trust and eventually led him into the arms of justice.

O’Neill is quite convinced that the US in the next in line to be devastated by horrible ISIS attacks.

Another expert who remained anonymous revealed that ISIS won’t target historical venues, but small and unprotected venues similar to those attacked in Paris.

These are even more dangerous because small randomized attacks happen unexpectedly. People will live in a constant state of fear.

He also thinks that the attacks in Paris were not successfully coordinated because the bombers detonated themselves outside the stadium.

Such randomized attacks serve to confuse the police. The attackers initiate an attack at one place, and then run to the other and so on until the police catch them.

The attackers in Paris targeted the venues one after the other. The first target was a restaurant Petit Cambodge, then Le Carillion bar. Afterwards, they opened fire on Casa Nostra pizzeria and moved on to the LaBelle Equipe bar.

O’Neill revealed that the attackers were highly trained, because they aimed to kill and not just fire away, hoping to cause as much damage as they can. Victims at Bataclan concert venue were killed one by one, which is a typical executioner style.

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