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ISIS set up a training camp in Bosnia

Based on an investigation, it has been concluded that ISIS has set up a training camp in Bosnia. This village is hidden in the deep woodland. The village under the name of Osve was used to train 12 ISIS fighters. It has been reported that five of them are dead. Dzevad …

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Gangs represent the biggest threat in the future

If some sort of collapse or doomsday happens, one of the possible scenarios is that gangs could take over the cities. The gangs will start off from their blocks and slowly take over other neighborhoods. People would join them because they will desperately need food and water. It has to …

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China’s plan to militarize space

Modern warfare has brought many different types of weapons. Based on recent reports, things a quietly becoming more serious. Based on the report of Pentagon, apparently China is conducting several secretive projects. The goal of such project is for China to militarize space and destabilize U.S. military and strategic interests. …

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Some countries might disappear in 20 years – Video

Based on the following video, a number of countries might not exist in 20 years. It should be taken into account that this list is just hypothetical.  It doesn’t mean that it will happen. If you are interested in finding out which countries are in question, take a look at this …

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2015 will bring confusion across the world

Many events took place recently which signal that the second half of 2015 will bring confusion across the world. The events are the following: 1. The New York Stock Exchange, United Airlines and the Wall Street Journal were not working on Wednesday because of unforeseen technical problem. 2. A complete …

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Greece defeated banksters in the national referendum

Greece has always been valued as a country. It has given a lot to the world, from philosophy, feta, history, yoghurt, poetry to honey and recently they provided the example to follow. Greece has defeated banksters in the national referendum. The next move for Greece is to leave Eurozone and switch to …

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Greek-style crisis will happen to other countries

As the crisis in Ukraine has influenced several European countries to increase their military spending, they could be the next to undergo a Greek-style crisis. Countries in question are Baltic States, Poland and the Scandinavian countries. The only nation which has benefit of this is the US, because they are leading weapons sellers. It …

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