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Satellite footage of Russian Base in Syria

According to President Vladimir Putin, Russia is providing Syria with equipment and training. However, the US government disclosed that Russia is constructing a new military base in order to help Assad. The capacity of this military base is sufficient to accommodate more than 1000 military personnel. In addition to this, …

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Russia is constructing military base near Ukraine’s border

Russia is constructing a new military base near Ukraine’s border. This new project will be a military base for 3,500 soldiers. Photographs of the construction site have been published. One of the construction workers accused the photographer of being the Ukrainian spy, because he was asking about the construction site. The deadline for the first stage …

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Russia’s latest UUV development

The Pentagon is worried that Russia might use their latest military weapons against U.S. harbors and coastal cities. Russia is currently manufacturing unmanned underwater vehicle, also known as UUV. UUV will be armed with megaton-class warheads. Such weapon has the ability to blow up harbors and cause enormous destruction over extensive …

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Every Chinese driver is a possible killer – VIDEO

The following will certainly be a shocking piece of information – Chinese drivers are known for intentionally killing the people that they hit accidentally. There is even a Chinese saying for this – It is better to hit to kill than to hit and injure. When a person is hit by a driver, …

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Jihadist rebels are entering Europe disguised as refugees

It is believed that ISIS is using the refugee crisis for their benefit. It seems that jihadist rebels are entering Europe disguised as refugees. On the basis of existing images, three jihadist rebels were identified.  These men previously fought for Al-Qaeda-linked militant groups. One is identified as Laith Al Saleh, …

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Russian intervention in Syria caught on camera

It seems that Russia intervened in Syria. Pictures of a Russian drone a Su-34 fighter jet, flying over the Nusra-controlled western Idlib province, were posted on Twitter. In addition to this, Syrian state TV aired footage of Russian soldiers and armored vehicle fighting with pro-Assad troops. Another evidence of Russian …

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The Russian army is beginning to engage in Syria

Ankara has canceled the contract with Russia for the gas pipe-line Turkish Stream. Turkey also decided to provide help to the Islamic Emirate in their fight against the Kurds of the PKK and the YPG. These sudden changes forced the US and Russia to alter their strategic plans. Based on …

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The evidence: Capitalism just isn’t working

In every capitalist society everything is for sale, everything can be bought, there is a market for everything. However, it is becoming quite clear that basic human rights cannot be bought and sold. On a global level, 70 the world’s richest people own as much as 3.5 billion people own. Capitalism …

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