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Putin: New World order has lost its grip on Europe

The defeat of Italy’s establishment Prime Minister is the latest sign that a tectonic shift is coming to the European order: toward accommodating, rather than countering, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s vow to destroy the globalist New World Order. Italians went to the polls on Sunday and voted down Prime Minister …

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Fake news on steroids — Has the CIA infiltrated Russian Media?

People are influenced by the media and that is why media is used by powerful organisations to express their views and beliefs. Whoever, having or having had authorized access to classified information that identifies a covert agent, intentionally discloses any information identifying such covert agent to any individual not authorized to …

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Obama plans new year war with Russia within 20 Days

Donald Trump is set to take the office in January. In the meantime, the elites in charge might try to further deteriorate relations with Russia. The U.S. establishment is still in shock that Donald Trump is the new president-elect and are desperately trying to curtail his efforts to be civil …

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Ten things foreigners need to understand about Russians

This is a very informative piece that illustrates some of the many subtle but significant cultural differences that affect relations with the Russians. Many of those foreigners who come to Russia think of the country as an aggressive, backward and dirty place. Because of the strong influence of anti-Russian propaganda …

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Obama pushes Putin one step closer to war

It was reported that 35 senior diplomats are no longer welcome in the US. It appears that President Obama decided to cut off diplomatic relations. THERE IS NO QUESTION THAT OBAMA IS TRYING TO START WORLD WAR III THE PAST WEEK WHERE WE HAVE SEEN THE CIA MURDER OF A RUSSIAN AMBASSADOR …

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Putin’s Adviser: Russia is preparing for internet shutdown

Russia could be shut off from the global Internet. Russian officials have started preparing for such scenario. Russia should be prepared in the event of being disconnected from the global Internet, said adviser to Vladimir Putin on Internet matters German Klimenko in an interview with RT. “Russia must be prepared …

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Duterte likes tossing criminals out of helicopters

Duterte is known for his notorious behavior. The latest report reveals that president of the Philippines even threw criminals out of helicopters. President Rodrigo Duterte says he once threw out a kidnapper from a helicopter when he was mayor of Davao and would not mind doing it again. The hard-man president …

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Two Comets For New Year’s Eve! (VIDEO)

This year may have been a grim one on many fronts, but the heavens are at least giving it a good send off. Wherever the skies are clear, there will be two comets visible via binoculars on the night when 2016 turns into 2017. As the Sun sets on December 31, Venus …

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Trump’s strategy is to set Russia against China

The topic of systematic destruction of countries like Ukraine, Iraq and Libya was discussed with Anatoly Salutsky, a political commentator, writer, publicist and global expert. The current state of affairs in Ukraine, Iraq and Libya suggests that the United States runs silly and inconsistent foreign politics. Yet, a more global approach shows …

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