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One blowback to Brexit may be giving up the idea of regime change in Syria


Even though Britain voted to leave the EU, their decision won’t solve the situation in Syria nor prevent the refugees from entering Europe.

What started as a gambit by the War Party in Washington and its NATO partners in Brussels to regime change Syria – to be used as a lever to bargain with Iran and Russia for a few more regional designs and venal status quo – has metastasized into an astonishing social, economic and political earthquake about the disintegration of the European Union as we know it.

Mind you, it was Iran’s Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei who had warned some five years ago that the US-led campaign to regime change Syria could have serious consequences not only for the Middle East but the EU and the West in its entirety ( although the Western neoliberal establishment never paid any attention).

True, Brexit proved that it’s economy, but it also proved that it’s regime change wars, immigration, and the Syrian refugee crisis that forced the Brits to say no to the EU.

But serious bets can be made that the warmongers and regime changers in Brussels won’t learn anything from the shock therapy and won’t change course. There will be rationalizations that after all the UK was always demanding special privileges when dealing with the EU. But they will never end their special relationship and deadly romance with “moderate” terrorists in Syria.

In that case, they can be pretty much sure that people in other parts of Europe are watching and that the Brexit blowback and contagion is real.

Scotland and Northern Ireland want to leave the UK, while a large number of people in Sweden, France, Denmark, the Netherlands and even Poland and Hungary want special status inside the EU, or else. Across Europe, the extreme right stampede is on and they mean business too. And we haven’t even started talking about the vast majority of young people in Britain who voted Remain and now want a second vote, or they may be contemplating “something else.”

With that in mind, Brexit doesn’t mean Britain will be free from further impacts of the Syria war. The same is true for the political system in Brussels. Syrian refugees will keep coming to Fortress Europe because the war is still ongoing. Arguably, in the best possible case, Syria talks would lead to some sort of permanent ceasefire, but the country will still remain in ruins, and millions more will still try and go beyond the ruins of their lives and communities to find “hope” in Europe.

The reason millions of refugees have fled the Middle East – first Iraq, now Syria – are the invasions and imperial mayhem of Britain, the United States, France, the European Union and NATO. Before that, there was the wilful destruction of Afghanistan. Before that, there was the theft of Palestine and the imposition of Israel. So the regime changers with ancient instincts of their own superiority better take note:

-The Brits may be gone, but the blood in Brussels, Washington and London has never dried. All this has now come home to Europe, and even the most effective propagandists of the Syria war can no longer afford to look the other way and say the show must go on.

-The aim of the failed war was to affect regime change in Damascus. With the European Union gripped with socio-economic and political catastrophes and falling apart, the wealthy war criminals better say goodbye to regime change too.

-An EU that has failed to create a new, better way of doing politics, merely growing its original democratic deficit also lacks real democracy. It has had a woefully inadequate, cynical response to the refugee crisis caused by leading EU member states’ warfare – so, mismanagement and lack of leadership.

-Though few will say so these days, the warmongers can agree that referendum and democracy are bad for the West. These two confer less legitimacy on Western politics, not more, and they can no longer say ‘never again’. People want more and they want now. They don’t want to see any more rich war criminals groomed in the fakery and political treachery of post-modernism to stay the costly course in Syria.

-The long-suffering people of Syria courageously used a nationwide referendum to demand their president remain in office and fight foreign-backed terrorism with full force. They also said they don’t want Western democracy and referendum which are crushing the life out of their country. They have been betrayed by the world community, just as the British have been betrayed by the political system in London and Brussels with all that brutal austerity policies and lies about war mongering, the dispatch of occupying forces to Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya, and above all, Western bomb aimers to Saudi Arabia and the build up of NATO troops and war material on Russia’s western borders.

All told, by voting to leave the EU, the Britons have also said yes to democracy, peace and security in Syria. It’s a full-blown crisis for London and Brussels, and indeed a revolt against the political establishment in Washington. The warmongers are wounded and the people of good conscience in Europe should waste no more time to demand a quick end to the Syria war.


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