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Obama’s Syria invasion was devised by Kim Roosevelt in 1957


It is believed that Obama’s invasion of Syria was detailed in a plan authored by Kim Roosevelt in 1957.

Kim’s 1957 strategy made use of false flag events intended to fool the public into accepting a course of action they would have otherwise not accepted. The sarin gas attack in Syria in 2013 is an example of this. The US were caught smuggling sarin gas into Syria in order to use it on Syrian civilians.

Obama used this false flag gas attack as justification for invading Syria under the guise of removing Assad.

Back in 1957, there was no Assad dynasty in Syria, but only the Ba’ath Party, which was, and is, the only effective non-sectarian, or non-theocratic, political force in Arabic countries; so, America’s oil companies used instead the Islamic forces, in order to grab Middle Eastern oil, and to be able to use Syria as the vital pipeline-route for it into Europe (the world’s largest energy-market).

The Ba’athists refused to cooperate with any such plan for foreign control over their national resources. This was the basis for America’s determination to overthrow the Ba’athists, and replace them with their enemies, the Islamists. (This was likewise a reason for America’s wars against Saddam Hussein.)

Kim’s plan, just like his earlier and successful plan to take over Iran, enjoyed the full backing of both of the Dulles brothers — Allen Dulles who ran Eisenhower’s CIA, and John Foster Dulles who ran Eisenhower’s State Department. Both Dulleses headed the U.S. operation to bring top Nazis to America and give them fake backgrounds.

Obama, also unlike Eisenhower, enjoyed additionally the backing of the Syrian branch of Al Qaeda, called Al Nusra. Al Qaeda was actually created by the U.S. in the late 1970s to exhaust the Soviets in Afghanistan. Al Qaeda was financed by Arabia’s royal families, especially the Sauds. After that success in supplying Osama bin Laden’s people with U.S. weapons paid for by the Sauds (and incidentally boosting profits for U.S. armaments-makers), the Sunni aristocracies had more respect for Kermit Roosevelt’s original vision. Obama tweaked Kim’s plan, which had been sitting on CIA-MI6 shelves unused, for more than 50 years; but it was, indeed, KR’s plan, not originally Obama’s. Only now in Obama’s time, the situation was finally right for it.

The plan that Obama dusted off and placed into action has turned out to be, under Obama, part of a far broader U.S. war against Russia. One of the major decisions for the next U.S. President will be what to do with that broader war. Vladimir Putin can’t prevent it from become even more intense, because he has been doing everything possible in order to stop it. But Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize; Putin didn’t.



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