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NOT AT THE TOP ANYMORE – Merkel’s popularity is dropping dizzyingly


German chancellor Angela Merkel is facing the biggest drop of her popularity in the last ten years, due to the spying affair which has been shaking Germany over the last month.

Steinmeier took over the first place on the list of the most popular German politicians.

German television ARD, based on a survey, reported that the popularity of German chancellor fell down to 70 points, and all that after the report about the German BND, which helped the American intelligence agency to spy on some influential European companies.

Although her popularity in Germany is still high, the last month’s decline was five points lower than it was before.

Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, a leading Social Democrat (SPD) politician, wasn’t even touched by this scandal. He is now, according to the results of the survey, the most popular politician, with 74 points.

SPD chairman Sigmar Gabriel, who raised questions in public about Merkel’s role in the scandal, also became more popular than he used to be – he now has 53 points, compared to the previous 48 points.

By the way, Merkel’s Christian Democrats are now in the coalition with the Social Democrats, who belong to the left center. This coalition is also called “the marriage of elephants”.

Of 1000 questioned people, 70% believe that Berlin doesn’t have enough control over its intelligence agencies.

The chancellor said that she knew the NSA has been spying on European defense companies since 2008, despite the fact that she said in 2014 she didn’t have any information about eavesdropping.

As ARD announced, INSA survey, which was conducted on Wednesday, has shown that 62% of Germans think that BND threatens the credibility of Merkel.

Angela Merkel, known as “Mommy” in German media, has been holding her position since 2005. She has been the most popular politician in the country for a long time and she managed to overcome several German controversies.

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