Thursday , March 30 2017
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Nigel Farage shares his view on the latest developments in Europe


Nigel Farage expressed his opinion on Greece Eurozone exit in front of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. He stated that Greece should regain control of its country.

He added that Greece made the wrong choice by joining euro. However, they were forced to do so by big banks, like Goldman Sachs, and German arms manufacturers.

He further concluded that bailouts were meant to help French, German and Italian banks and not to benefit the people of Greece.

He advised the Greek Prime Minister to use this chance to steer Greek people away from the Eurozone and regain control over the country.

Based on recent reports, the Greek Prime Minister still wants to make a deal with creditors before a deadline on Thursday. It is believed that civil unrest and riots may be caused by the lack of money.


Farage also stated that Greek referendum is going to impact the future of the European project. Moreover, the European project is beginning to die.

He explained that European countries are different, so it is useless trying to force them together without asking for the consent of their people.



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